Western States All Stars

2021 — Online, WY/US

The Western States All Stars is a policy Round Robin for teams from the Greater Mountain West region. We invited teams from nine states to apply: Colorado, the Dakotas, Idaho, New Mexico, Montana, Nebraska, Utah, and Wyoming. The application process is now closed, but if you are interested in being an alternate, please reach out to Matt Liu (mliu6@uwyo.edu). 

No fees and no judging obligation: we will provide quality judging for every round. Tab will be run by Nick Ryan (Assistant Director of Debate, Liberty University). Pairings will be released in advance to encourage significant preparation, in-depth research, and argument innovation.



Based on entries and to maximize participation, we have lifted the "two entries per state" cap. There will be two pods of 7 teams each, the winners of which will meet in a finals round. The tournament will be hosted on Zoom using the ZRM model. 


Mountain Pod 

Albuquerque PS (NM)

Kent Denver AH (CO)

Riverton PW (WY)

Copper Hills BL (UT)



Minneapolis South NC (MN)


West Pod 

Mount Vernon KC (WA)

Baton Rouge NJ (LA)

Kent Denver TW (CO)

George Washington HC (CO)

Rock Springs LM (WY)

Rowland Hall LD (UT)

Advanced Technologies DG (CA)



All teams agreed to provide disclosure of affs they have read as well as common negative arguments they have already read. On the day of the tournament, we expect the aff to disclose what the aff will be 1 hour before the start of the first round of the day (disclosure is expected immediately after the end of the previous round for subsequent rounds). Pairings will be released in advance to encourage significant preparation, in-depth research, and argument innovation. Of course, disclosure is only required for arguments that a school has already read. We fully expect and encourage teams to break new arguments to catch their opponents off guard.



We will be awarding silver bowls to the champion, finalist, and 2nd place in each pod, as well as plaques for 3rd place in each pod and speaker awards for the top three speakers overall. In addition, we have commissioned the creation of a unique traveling trophy for the champion: a cast bronze sculpture of the Grand Tetons that will sit on a walnut base whose plaques will indicate the winner of the Western States All Stars over the years to come. Plus, t-shirts!


Schedule (all times in Mountain Time)

Friday 4/23

Round 1: 9:00am

Round 2: 12:30pm

Round 3: 3:00pm

Round 4: 6:30pm


Saturday 4/24

Round 5: 8:00am

Round 6: 11:30am

Round 7: 2:00pm

Awards: 5:00pm

Finals: 6:30pm


Please direct any questions to:

Matt Liu, University of Wyoming Director of Debate