WKCA Garden City Last Chance

2021 — Online, KS/US

You're invited to the GCHS-WKCA "Last Chance" Tournament on April 12.  

Important information:

* Students may only enter events in which they are not already qualified for KSHSAA state.  

*The tournament will be SYNCHRONOUS via Zoom.   

*Schools must provide 1 judge for every 4 entries or portion thereof.

*Entry fees are $4.00 per person, per entry. 
*GCHS may enter some students, and I may be asking for help running some events (extemp, IDA, Impromptu- specifically).

*We will do two rounds and finals.  

*Duet/Duo- you may compete in single screen or split screen, but we ask that you follow your school's protocol.   

*rounds will be OPEN for competitors, and they are encouraged to respectfully watch each other.