Ryan Al McKeithan Invitational SHS Synchronous Remote

2021 — NSDA Campus, KS/US

This is an invitation-only tournament.  If you have not received an invite, you need to contact the tourney director to request and confirm before adding entries--Zdinges@usd345.com 

Provided you can cover your judging and we have time to purchase Campus rooms, we should be able to accommodate reasonable requests from outside schools

We'd like preliminary entries by Monday, 3/22
We need finalized entries by Tuesday 3/23 so we can finalize Campus purchases

My squad is tiny this semester, so we have no real community pool--hence, we'll maintain the new "tradition" of asking attending schools to help cover judging.  1 judge per multiple of 7. I have a small number of standby judges to help cover no-shows, etc. 

Also, we will host Extemp but forego Impromptu for this tourney; Extemp will be merged if entries are low 

Please review the invitation for details

Contact Zachary Dinges with any questions