Ezy Learning Abode Services Charity Fundraiser Invitational

2021 — Online, CA/US


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This tournament is run by Ezy Learning, an educational enrichment program started by dedicated high school students who offer a variety of courses from STEM to Speech and Debate. These courses are designed to focus on what is specifically taught in school. We encourage you to sign up for our free classes, and for more information please visit www.ezy-learning.org. This year we are partnering with Abode Services, a nonprofit organization in Fremont CA, whose mission is to end homelessness by assisting low-income, un-housed people, including those with special needs, to secure stable, supportive housing; and to be advocates for the removal of the causes of homelessness. The money from this tournament will also be going to helping children sponsored by abode services have better materials, housing, and other essential needs. 100% of the money collected from this tournament will be donated to Abode services. In fact, the team and competitor fees themselves are paid directly to Abode Services; so by being a part of this tournament you are helping many of our fellow Americans in need. Please also feel free to donate to Abode Services more than the given Tournament Fees. The goal of this tournament is to raise at least $1000 and the more competitors donate the better impact we will have. Thank you so much for attending this tournament!
 - Ezy Learning Team



**All Times in PST**

Pairings are released at least 15 minutes before the rounds start.

Competitors need to be in rooms 5 minutes before the rounds start.

This schedule is tentative and may change the day of the tournament to accommodate rounds that end later than expected.




Check-In for all events → at 4:00 pm

Check-In Closes → 4:30 pm

Debate round 1 → 5:00 pm

IE Asynch Judging Round 1 → 5:00 pm

Dinner → 6:30 - 7:15 

Debate round 2 → 7:30 pm



Debate Finals → 9:00 am

IE Asynch Judging Round 2 → 9:00 am

IE Asynch Judging Round 3 → 11:00 am

Lunch → 12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

IE Asynch Judging Finals → 2:00 pm 

Events & Fees

For all events:
Need to be in grades 4-12

Independent Entries Allowed

Need to have a working computer (Duh)

Standard $20 School Fee


Individual Events: FULLY Asynchronous

Original Oratory $10 per competitor

Humorous Interpretation $10 per competitor

Dramatic Interpretation $10 per competitor 

Prorgam Original Interpretation $10 per competitor

         Using a combination of Prose, Poetry, and Drama, students construct a program up to ten minutes in length using at least two out of the three genres. With a spotlight on argumentation and performative range, Program Oral Interpretation focuses on a student’s ability to combine multiple genres of literature centered around a single theme. Competitors are expected to portray multiple characters. No props or costumes may be used except for the manuscript. Performances also include an introduction written by the student to contextualize the performance and state the titles and authors used in the program.

Declamation $10 per competitor

             Declamation requires students to select a speech that was delivered in public and perform an excerpt of that speech to an audience. Speeches are up to 10 minutes in length. As a result, students typically shorten the text of the speech to meet time requirements. The event is not designed for students to mimic the original author of the speech. Instead, speakers are to develop an oration that delivers the message of the author in an original and engaging manner.


Debate: Synchronous

Mavericks ARE allowed for all debate events (I'm not sure how to not maverick LD, if you find a way email me lol)

Public Forum $50 per team

Policy $50 per team

Lincoln Douglas $25 per competitor 


Any teams that try to enter after the deadline will be subjected to a $50 fee 

Any teams that try to drop after the deadline will be subjected to a $125 fee 


Debate Topics

Public Forum Topic

PF Septober 2021 Topic (Will be updated 8/8)


Lincoln Douglas Topic

LD Septober 2021 Topic (will be updated 8/8)


Policy Debate Topic

Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its protection of water resources in the United States.



         For IE events, all competitors that make it to finals will get an award. In debate events, all competitors/teams that make it to semis will receive an award. The top 5 individual speakers will also get an award in debate events. Sweepstakes will be awarded to only one team in each Debate Event. All awards will be emailed to the school, and a youtube video will be recorded with all of the award winners and emailed to coaches on the Sunday after the tournament.



IE: one judge per 5 entries

Debate: One judge per 2 entries

Judge hiring fees are 275 dollars. A school can hire no more than 1 judge. If you hire a judge, for example, in OO, then you can't hire any judges for any other events regardless of it being speech or debate. If your judge misses a round you will be subjected to the same fine as a judge hiring round.


If you have any questions, feel free to email us at toezylearning@gmail.com 

We hope to see you with us virtually for our Ezy Learning Abode Services Charity Fundraiser Invitational. Thank you for your time and consideration!