Alabama State

2021 — NSDA Campus, AL/US

Dear Coaches,


We are pleased to invite you to the ASDA State Tournament April 8-10, sponsored by the National Speech and Debate Association.


Please take time to navigate the pages listed to the right for all pertinent information regarding this tournament. In addition, I have posted the ASDA rules. There are a few things that I want to highlight. 


1. Every event (Congress, Speech, and Debate) will be run online using NSDA Campus. ALL competitors and judges need to have accounts. ALL competitors must have a working camera and have their cameras on at the minimum during their speeches. Competitors that do not have a working camera will be forfeited. If this is an issue, the coach should email the tournament director.


2. All events in speech will be synchronous, or live. In Duo, this means students can either perform in the same room on the same camera, or perform simultaneously in two different rooms.


3. Based on coach vote, the LD topic in all LD events will be: Resolved: The UnitedStates ought to guarantee universal child care

 The PF topics in all PF events will be: Resolved: On balance, the benefits of creating the United States Space Force outweigh the harms


4. Large teams please be aware of the entry cap rules. 24 in IE, and 20 in Debate. For Congress, you may enter up to 6 students in 2 of the 3 chambers.


5. Please, please, please bring judges! This tournament only works if it is single flighted.


6. I will send out ASDA Coach of the Year ballots via email to coaches at a future time.


7. Tabroom registration closes on Monday, April 5 at 5pm


8. Legislation must be emailed to by Thursday April 1st at 5pm. The packet will be sent back out to coaches Friday morning, April 2nd. Each school may submit a maximum of 2 bills, to avoid the docket getting too large.


9. In Speech, if there are 7 or fewer entries, there will be no Final round with place being determined by rounds 1-3. If there are 8 or more entries, there will be a Final round with place being determined by Finals.


10. In Debate, if there are 7 or fewer entries, we will have a Round Robin tournament in that division. If there are 8 - 15 entries, we will break to Semifinals in that division. If there are 16 - 39 entires, we will break to Quarterfinals in that division. If there are 40+, we will break to Octafinals in that division.


11. This year the tournament will offer Big Questions. This will run at the same time as the other debate events on Saturday in the same way. Entries into this event will count towards your 20 entry debate cap and will count towards sweepstakes points. In addition, if the event has at least 15 entries, the champion of Big Questions will qualify to NSDA Nationals in June! In addition, the top 4 competitors will each receive $250 for their speech and debate team. 


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you at the tournament. 



Nate Conoly, State tournament director