Bearcats Knightshift Invitational

2021 — Async+Zoom, KS/US

Ellsworth/ Sacred Heart Forensics Invitational


Dear Coach,


You are invited to participate in a forensics tournament co-hosted by Ellsworth and Sacred Heart. The following events will be totally asynchronous: poetry, prose, serious solo, humorous solo, duet, inform, oration, (and POI if there is enough interest for that). Videos are due March 24 via Tabroom. 

Draw events (Extemp, Impromptu, and IDA) will be synchronous via Zoom Campus on Saturday, March 27. We will have 2 prelim rounds and finals for each event.  

Saturday 3/27/21 Schedule:

Registration: 7:15-8:00

R1  8:00-10:00    Draw: 7:45

R2  10:00-12:00  Draw: 9:45

Fin  12:30-2:30   Draw: 12:30 

Schools will need to submit 1 judge for every 6 entries. Fees are $5/ person/ event. Please register for the tournament and submit your entries and judge information on Tabroom and send your entry fees to:

Ellsworth High School

Attn: Jessica Hakoda

211 W. 11th

Ellsworth, KS 67439


Thank you,


Jessica Hakoda and Olga Silverman