Washington State IE Tournament

2021 — NSDA Campus, WA/US

Asynchronous Final Videos Can Be Seen Here


To celebrate the end of a bizarre season, and recognize the highest awards given out in Washington state, we would like to invite you to our virtual awards ceremony, which will begin at 6:30pm with karaoke hosted by Coach Isaiah Parker. The main awards ceremony will begin at 8pm. We will recognize top students and coaches of the year, present a tribute to the Class of 2021, and, of course, announce finalists, state champions, and team sweepstakes winners for Washington State Speech!

Here is the link: https://zoom.us/j/91938537712

Additionally, if you could please have you students fill out the attached google document, it would be appreciated!


See you there!



Find extemp topics here: tinyurl.com/wsfaextemp


Saturday, March 6
Tournament code released for the intro to asynchronous speeches.

Wednesday, March 10
9:00 pm – Video URLs must be submitted to the tabroom.com website

Thursday, March 11
Tab will section rounds and prepare ballots
7:00 pm - Ballots for asynchronous events released

Friday, March 12
3:00 pm – Reminder sent to all judges with unstarted ballots
8:00 pm – Reminder sent to all judges with unfinished ballots

Saturday, March 13
9:00 am – Asynchronous Ballots Due, fines assessed for unfinished ballots. Ballot reassignment.
9:00 am – Rd. 1 Impromptu
10:00 am – Rd. 1 Extemp Prep
10:30 am – Rd. 1 Extemp
11:30 am – Rd. 2 Impromptu
12:30 pm – Rd. 2 Extemp Prep
1:00 pm – Rd. 2 Extemp
1:00 pm – Asynchronous Final Ballots Released
2:00 pm – Rd. 3 Impromptu
3:00 pm – Rd. 3 Extemp Prep
3:30 pm – Rd. 3 Extemp
5:00 pm – Final Round Impromptu
6:00 pm – Asynchronous Final Ballots Due
6:00 pm – Final Round Extemp prep
6:30 pm – Final Round Extemp
6:30 pm – Pre-Awards Festivities
8:00 pm - Awards