DUDL Championship Tournament NAUDL Qualifier

2021 — Detroit, MI/US
Hosted by DUDL, WSU, and MIFA
Important Announcements/Rules:
  1. All entries must remain consistent throughout the tournament. No subbing or switching in and out. If you miss a round, you will be forfeited and you will get zero speaker points for that round. Because this is a championship tournament, making exceptions for absentee debaters would disadvantage, rather than reward, those students who debate ALL their assigned rounds.
  2. JV Breakout: Participants who enter in JV will compete in the open field during preliminary rounds, but we will have a break-out elimination bracket to determine the 2021 JV Champions. JV entries will not be eligible to compete in the NAUDL qualifier elimination bracket.
  3. Novice Packet: This will be the novice's last tournament on a packet! Remember, novices are restricted to packet evidence only. Make sure to check out the Evidence - Novice Restricted page, as Darcell has been updating our files, and for those who didn't compete at DUDL 5, take note that there is a new AFF & Case Neg (Death Penalty).
  4. Rules on Mavericks: 
    1. Maverick debaters can debate if there is an odd number of debaters on a team in any division. A team cannot have 2 maverick debaters in one division, because those debaters could combine to one team. 
    2. Maverick debaters are not allowed to qualify to the NAUDL Championship Tournament.
  5. NAUDL Qualifiers:
    1. The champion of the varsity division will represent DUDL at the NADUL National Championship tournament. 
    2. The finalist of the varsity division will be the alternate to the NADUL, in the case that the champion cannot attend.
    3. There is a potential that NAUDL will expand the tournament to allow 2 teams from each UDL. In that case, the semi-finalists with the higher record, or if records are tied with higher speaker points, will serve as the first alternate to the NADUL, and the other semi-finalist will serve as the second alternate.
Tournament Site = ZOOM & Breakout Rooms
Join Zoom Meeting:
 ~ https://wayne-edu.zoom.us/j/92360725049?pwd=Q3ZSbjMvUjlVTkN5U1MvNXdHN0V5UT09 ~
Meeting ID: 923 6072 5049
Passcode: 313champs
Pairings & Judge Ballots = Tabroom.com
dudlchamps.tabroom.com ~
Friday, March 5th
    1:30pm       General Meeting / Check-In
    2:00pm       Pairings - Rd 1
    2:30pm       Round 1 Begins
    4:30pm       Dinner Break
    5:30pm       Pairings - Rd 2
    6:00pm       Round 2 Begins
Friday, March 5th
    8:30am       Check-In
    9:00am       Pairings - Rd 3
    9:30am       Round 3 Begins
   11:30am      Lunch Break
    12:00pm     Pairings - Rd 4
    12:30pm     Round 4 Begins
    2:30pm      Awards
                      Pairings for Semi-Finals
                      Tab will conduct the coin flips for sides, if necessary.
    3:15pm       Semi-Finals
    5:00pm      Short Dinner Break
    5:30           Pairings for Finals
                     Tab will conduct the coin flips for sides, if necessary.
    6:00pm      Final Rounds Begin!!!