Meade Buffalo Invitational

2021 — Online, KS/US

Virtual Preliminary Rounds: Students will record their pieces and submit their recordings no later than 11:55 pm, Thursday, March 4th. We will email the list of those breaking finals on Monday, March 8th, as early as possible. Finals will be IN PERSON at Meade High School, March 9th. At the beginning of each recording please have your student hold up a sign (paper or whiteboard) that states, “Buffalo Invitational”. This will help us police the use of the same recording all season. 


Draw Events: Please let us know ASAP if you have draw event entries. It will be vital that coaches enforce the prep time limits (30 minutes for IDA/Extemp, 5 minutes for impromptu) and only allow students one take for their recordings. Coaches will be emailed the draw for each round. Tabroom will only allow you to upload one video per entry, so the second round video will need to be uploaded to YouTube and the link emailed to Barnum.   


While we work on getting the Tabroom tournament set up, focus on recording your students’ performances. Again, please have them hold a sign that says, “Buffalo Invitational”. Once you have recorded performances, they either need to be saved to a Google Drive folder or uploaded to a YouTube channel you or your school has created. You can lock these down so that they stay private, and only people with the specific link can access them. Either option will work! We don't ALL have to do the same thing concerning videos.  I will send further instructions for how to post those video links to Tabroom soon (still learning!).


In-Person Finals: We will do half of the events at a time (see schedule below). In following with KSHSAA guidelines, the following precautions will be in place:

  1. Only finals competitors and necessary coaches/drivers/judges will be permitted to attend finals. 

  2. Competitors (when not performing), coaches and judges will wear masks in the manner consistent with the intent of the manufacturer. Performers may unmask to perform. 

  3. Performance area will be marked with tape on the floor 15 feet from judges. Competitors may only unmask behind that line.

  4. Judges will be spaced 6 feet apart.

  5. No audience or timers in performance rooms. 

  6. Meade students will sanitize performance props where applicable between performances.

  7. Hospitality meal will be provided for adults in “grab-and-go” style.

  8. Concession will be available for students, utilizing COVID safe practices. 


Finals schedule: Finals 1 Finals 2

4:00-5:30                     5:30-7:00

IDA (first draw at 3:50)    Extemp

Humorous Solo             Serious Solo

Poetry                         Prose

Impromptu                    Duet

Informative Speaking      Original Oration 

Entries: Teams are limited to 16 total entries, with no more than four entries in any event.  Each event will be $5/person/event ($10 total duet/IDA). A student may enter in up to two events.


The top twelve entries will be counted towards sweepstakes points, and the top 3 teams will be awarded a plaque.  KSHSAA guidelines will be followed unless otherwise stated.  Individual scoring will be cumulative, and individual medals through 6th place will be awarded. We will do “track meet” style awards, with medals provided in final packets. 



Preliminary numbers would be helpful as soon as possible so that we can figure out judging. Even just entering your kids would be great so we can keep track of numbers. We are unsure of our judging needs at this time-- we think we will have all preliminary needs covered, but may need help with the in-person finals.