11th Annual California Middle School State Championship

2021 — Online, CA/US

The 11th Annual California Middle School

Speech and Debate State Championship

May 21-23rd, 2021

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Greetings to all middle school speech and debate clubs and schools!


California Middle School Forensics is proud to announce the 11th annual California State Championship.  This tournament is meant to encourage a healthy competition at the state level and provide an opportunity to sharpen competitive speeches before the national tournament.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our entire community, we have decided to continue with the tournament on the scheduled date/times.  However, we have made a few changes.

1.  The tournament will be held entirely online.  Please see the Best Practices Guide for additional information regarding the preparation for Internet preparation.  The Best Practices Guide is available on the tournament registration page.  This guide will have suggestions and policies regarding specific events.

Due to the unusual nature of the circumstances, we may need to adjust this invitation or the best practices document.  Please be patient with us; often times, we have ideas that seem like they will work, and then we need to change our minds because we have found stronger alternatives.  

2.  All fees should be paid through the registration website.  Coaches can access this by clicking the “Tournament Fees” tab on the left side of the registration page.. 

3.  Throughout the entire tournament, we will have a live help room for anyone having trouble.  The URL will be https://8x8.vc/CMSFHelp

5.  All competitors will be required to have a parental guardian onscreen for the duration of the round or provide a waiver.  The waiver is available when registering students for the tournament.  Just click the “Register” tab on the left side of the registration page to begin the process.  Then look for the “Waiver” tab.  From there, you can send the waiver to your students.


The tournament will be held on May 21-23rd, 2021!  Please feel free to pass this invitation along to anyone who might be interested in attending.