2021 — Online, NY/US

Welcome To MSQI Debate Tournament 2

Registration is open to MSQI schools only. 


Standardized tests should be used as a graduation requirement for public high schools. 

Date and Location:

This tournament will take place on Friday, March 5 on the online debate platform

The tournament will run from approximately 8:00am - 3:00pm. Students will debate two rounds. 

Click this link for the Tournament Schedule: MSQI 2 Schedule


Registration closes at 8:00pm on Friday, February 12. Schools will not be able to add students after this deadline A school should have no more than one maverick entry per division. If a school has two mavericks in a division, those two students must debate together as a team. 

Resources for accounts

How to create accounts

How to add students to your roster

How to enter students into tournaments

How to link students from your roster to their own tabroom accounts that they registered for so that they can get tournament pairings in their email and by text (if they also register a cell phone).If you wish for anyone attending the tournament from your school to be able to access the competition platform, please add them to your roster as a student or judge.