Ord Speech Invitational

2023 — Ord, NE/US

Novice Results

Varsity Results


Dear Speech Coaches: 


- It is our pleasure to invite you and your students to the Ord High School Chanticleer Speech Invitational held on Saturday, January 29, 2022.  

- Please access David Cooper’s website at the following address: http://ord.tabroom.com   if your school intends to compete.

- Information for the day will be posted at http://tinyurl.com/Speech-Ord

- I also ask that you email me with your PHONE # where we can reach you at 5:00 a.m. in case of weather cancellation. See end of letter for email. 

- The meet begins at 8:00 a.m. Extemp file check in will be at 7:45 in the media center. All extempers will need to STAY in the extemp prep area until dismissed!

- Please park outside the new gym/commons area and use the gym as your home base. The tab room is once again located in the high school office.


ENTRIES: Contestants are allowed to triple enter. However keep in mind that the judges will wait only 1 hour and we won’t delay the meet for a contestant. We cannot sacrifice putting judges behind just for students who try to do 3 events.


REGISTRATION: Online registration for entries is due by Sunday, Jan. 23. All registration is done through the website listed above run by David Cooper. Let me know if you have questions about this.


EVENTS: Two rounds and finals will be held in all 9 NSAA sanctioned Varsity events and Novice events


JUDGES: Each school must provide one qualified judge for every six entries. If you are unable to bring judges for all of your entries, you will pay $75.00 for every six uncovered entries. To avoid this, fill judges spots or limit your entries. 


FEES/DROPS/ADDS:    Entry fees will be $7.00 per entry for individual and group events. Drops will be accepted without charges up until 8:00am Wednesday, Jan. 28, after which any dropped entries will still be charged to the school. We will not accept any adds after the entry deadline! 

AWARDS:  1st – 8th place medals will be given for all Varsity events and 1st – 6th place medals will be awarded for all Novice events. Team Sweeps will include Improv Duet (Change). A plaque for both Varsity and Novice team Champion and Runner-Up will be given based on Team Sweeps. Awards will be held in the new gym following the competition. 


FOOD: We will have a concession stand in our new commons starting in the morning. Students must keep all food and drinks in the commons area! There will also be a judges and coaches hospitality room available throughout the day! 


COURTESY: Be a courteous audience to all speakers.  Please remain in your rounds until they are finished with the exception of being double/triple entered. Be quiet in the hallways. The new commons and gym should be the only gathering place for students. Ipods and phones with music must be used with headphones. Cell phones must be turned off or silenced while in the hallways and classrooms. 


 We look forward to seeing you in January and hosting your school!

Ashley Trampe

Ord Speech Coach 


Cell: 402-764-0014 (Ashley)

Ord High School:  308-728-3241