Justin Wilson Debates Pace RR

2021 — Online, GA/US

Pace Academy
Atlanta, Georgia


Tournament Format

           We will have a round robin tournament. Each team will debate every other team entered.  There will be seven rounds. The tournament will be held over a two-day period. I will attempt to have two judges per debate. If this is not possible, then one person will adjudicate. At the conclusion of day two, there will be an awards presentation recognizing the top three speakers and top two teams of the round robin.


Fees & Judging

           The entry fee for the Justin Wilson debates is $150. We will accept entry fees in check form. Please make checks payable to :

Pace Academy
ATTN: Eric Forslund
966 West Paces Ferry Rd
Atlanta, GA 30327

I am asking that each team bring a well-qualified judge for this tournament.  Each judge will be obligated for 3 debates.  Obligations may be split between a few individuals (if schools bring more than one coach).   If you cannot cover your judging, judges can be hired for a $200 fee.  Once a list of judges and teams has been released, it is the responsibility of both judges and competitors to alert me of any conflicts in advance.  Judges are not permitted to disclose any decision until after the tournament has concluded.   This rule will be strictly enforced to ensure the quality of a round robin tournament.  Your cooperation in this is greatly appreciated.