ADA Nationals

2021 — Online, US

Basic Details:

* Dates: Saturday, March 6 through Monday, March 8

* Schedule: 4 prelims Saturday, 2 prelims + 1 elim Sunday, 4 elims Monday

* You can find the schedule here: 


Reminder about judging:


                        Judging Requirements at ADA Nationals
To judge at the National Championship, a judge must:
                        a) Hold a baccalaureate degree, or have no eligibility for future ADA Nationals, or waive such eligibility, and
                        b) Not have competed on the current topic, and
c) Have an appropriately published judge philosophy that includes how the judge evaluates and resolves debates, and
                        d) Abide by the tournament’s judge conflict policy, and
                        e)  Be available for a minimum commitment of at least 2 debates, and
f)  Be available for assignment to any debate through the second elimination round, at the discretion of the Director, plus one debate beyond the elimination of the school for which the person is judging.
If a judge entered to judge at the National Championship has not judged at least 10 rounds on the current topic, the judge will not count towards the school’s commitment and will be a “free strike.”