Kerr High Virtual TFA NIETOC Congress WSD IE Extravaganza

2021 — NSDA Campus, TX/US

7th Annual (but 1st) "Virtual" Kerr Congress & IE Tournament

We would love to "See" you there!



Ok, Welcome to 2021!


Our Tournament has always been a reflection of my team's "personality," our commitment to serve the Forensic community, and to support those student's activities that truly need supporting. 


So, with that being said, welcome to our 2021 "Virtual" IE & Congress Extravaganza! 

We have chosen this format to make it easy on you (just send in 1 video - a great classroom assignment).  After 26 years I had grand dreams of offering all kinds of debate, even made up ones, but then decided, what we have done for 6 straight years is useful to our community, TFA, NIETOC, and hopefully this year, the nation. 


That being said, there is no debate, except for Congressional Debate & WSD. All IE's are asychronous, except for Extemp on Saturday. This will allow our kids, coaches, community, and host to remain calm, cool, and collective. The only reason we are hosting in 2021 is to serve our community in which we love and respect. Our Fees are purposefully low for a reason; we want everyone to be able to compete. Our goal is not to profit, although that would be GREAT, but to have a quality experience for all schools, help with TFA and NIETOC qualls, and support Middle School and novice competitors. This a tournament for everyone. 


So, thank you for choosing us and we hope to live up to all expectations.


Register NOW, and we will "See" you soon, 


Alief Kerr Coach & 3 Diamond Coach (New title!): Derek Davis