2021 — NSDA Campus, NV/US

Northern Nevada Forensic League January 22-27, 2021 

*NNFL Tournaments are open to Northern Nevada Forensic League member schools  only. Non-member schools may not enter/compete. 


Entry deadline: Wednesday, Jan 20 @ 5pm 

No additions will be made after the 1/20 entry deadline. 

Cross Entry Restrictions 

Students may enter only one (1) individual event and one (1) debate event. 

Entry Limits 

The entry limit for each school is 15 entries per event per division. 


Subs may be made in the same division/event by emailing Christy by 5pm Fri., Jan. 22. No  substitutions will be made after that time. 


Please email speech drops to Christy no later than 1/22, debate drops no later than 1/27 


$3 per student per event. Team events are $6.  


Every school will be required to provide 1 judge per 5 speech entries & 1 judge per 4 debate  entries. 

Speech Events:  

Speech events (except Extemp) will be judges asynchronously. You will need to upload links  through the student entry in Tabroom. Speech links MUST be uploaded by 8pm on 1/20, 2021 Recordings of speeches: Submissions or recordings may not be edited using any software; all  

submissions must be non-stop footage of the entire performance done through the permitted  submission platform. The camera being used must remain stationary throughout the entire  performance, and no zooming or panning is permitted. Other individuals may be present while  filming, but audience interaction (laughing, applause, etc.) must not be included in the  performance 

Debate Events & Extemp 

Extemp and all debate events will be held synchronously through NSDA Campus rooms.  

Contact Information 

Christy Briggs