PCFL Varsity Finals and National Qualifiers

2021 — NSDA Campus, PA/US
I will be serving as the Tournament Director for our PCFL Varsity Finals and National Qualifiers on February 26-27 on NSDA Campus, and so it is my privilege to announce that registration is now open at pcflfinals.tabroom.com.
Registration is open until Tuesday, February 23, at 5pm. Please make any hired judge requests by 2/16; they become final and uncancellable on 2/23. Financial assistance may be available for judge hiring; please get in touch with Kate (kesu...@philasd.org).
I've also posted the schedule, which is completely new given, you know, everything. There are some major changes from the past, which includes the fact that Debate begins on Friday, and that judges cannot judge multiple categories.
There are many special rules in play for qualifiers: 
  • There is NO requirement - this year only - that students have competed previously in the PCFL. All students on your squad are eligible.
  • Anyone competing at quals must be available to compete at NCFL Nationals, May 28-30. NCFL has not yet made the official announcement that the tournament is online, but, I don't believe it is possible to hold the tournament in Minnesota and we are just awaiting the official announcement.
  • Schools can enter 2 entries in each CFL event. In debate, we will designate a swing team in each event to avoid byes. Contact me by Friday, Feb. 12 to enter the draw for swing entries.
  • All judges must have recent and relevant experience judging or competing. That's up to the discretion of the executive board. Judges without experience may be rejected. We have a pretty good database of judges, but if we do not know of your judge we will be in touch to ask about them. Consider that an incentive to register early!
  • Judge burdens are larger than normal to allow for panels. Speech/Congress is 1 judge for every 2 slots, rounding up but capped at 5. Debate is 2 judges for 1 entry and 3 judges for 2 entries. 
  • Schools are NOT allowed to double enter judges this year. We did not want to create the burdensome schedule of past years with folks in empty classrooms or in their homes. One exception: a judge can register for different events Fri-Sat, but not two events on one day.
  • Congress legislation must be different than legislation submitted to the PCFL regular season packet. Legislation is due on January 27 to Ashley at amupr...@gmail.com.
  • Despite the date, PF and LD will use the MARCH topics. MARCH topics. The new ones. The ones you didn't debate yet. Yes, I know the tournament is in not-March. We use the MARCH topics as fresh topics for all involved.
  • Also, PF and LD will use the March topics.
  • Furthermore, the March topics will be used in PF and LD. Those topics will be released by NSDA on February 1.
Please direct registration questions my way! We will surely have more to say about quals in the coming weeks.
The remainder of the PCFL calendar this year is just JV Finals on April 10. We will not hold a banquet this year; we are discussing ways to recognize our competitors virtually.
Jeff Kahn
PCFL Member-at-Large