BCFL January Tournament I

2021 — NSDA Campus, BC/CA

This tournament is for BCFL students only. Results will be posted once all the rounds are over. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at sukhal2000@gmail.com.



Rising Star

Event Tiebreakers

Public Forum

1. Wins

2. Speaker points, except 1 best & worst

3. Speaker points

4. Opponent win

5. Opponent seed

Debate Speaker

1. Points, except 1 best & 1 worst (add all the speaker points in prelim rounds and subtract one highest and lowest points)

2. Total speaker points

3. Opp wins

4. Judgevar2 from prelim rounds

General Rules for the Public Forum

We will follow NSDA's most recent time for the PF debate. Below are times of each speech. Maximum speaker score you can get is 30 and minimum is 1. Low speak win is possible (you can still win with lower speaker point). Students are encouraged to check judge's paradigm before the round. Do not cut speeches, and if something unexpected happened that you have to cut speeches, contact the tab right away. There will be coin flip on tabroom.

Time for PF

*Each team gets 3 minutes of prep time.

Team A Constructive Speech - 4 minutes

Team B Constructive Speech - 4 minutes

Crossfire - 3 minutes

Team A Rebuttal Speech - 4 minutes

Team B Rebuttal Speech - 4 minutes

Crossfire - 3 minutes

Team A Summary Speech - 3 minutes

Team B Summary Speech - 3 minutes

Grand Crossfire - 3 minutes

Team A Final Focus - 2 minutes

Team B Final Focus - 2 minutes