Fargo North Debate

2021 — Fargo, ND/US

You are cordially invited to the 2021 Fargo North Debate Invitational hosted by North High. It will be held at North High School and Shanley High School on Saturday, Jan. 16. Thank you to Shanley for being able to help us run our tournament at two sites.  The January topics on NSDA will be used.


Here is the breakdown of information to know for the tournament. (Please be sure to read each section thoroughly and carefully.) 


Location and Times:  

  • Due to COVID-19 regulations and guidelines and to abide by the cap of 84 students per site, the 2021 North Debate Invitational will be held at both North High School and  Shanley High School. PF Rounds will start at North first to allow for buses to shuttle LD Debaters and coaches over to Shanley before those rounds start. 
  • Gayle Hyde will serve as Tournament Manager of the tournament. Questions about tournament issues or registration should be directed to her. Her email is hydeg@fargoschools.org or text her at 701-886-0148.
  • Shanley will host LD rounds. These rounds will start at 11:30AM and will run each an hour apart from each other. Please contact Gayle Hyde, Tournament Manager at 701-866-0147 with tournament issues, or Pennie Fike Site manager and host with Shanley specific concerns at 646-825-0660.
  • North will be hosting PF rounds. These rounds will start at 11:00AM and will run each an hour apart from each other. Information about where to enter North High will be given in your confirmation of registration email. Please contact Gayle Hyde, Tournament Manager at 701-866-0147 with tournament issues, or Clover Ellingson, Tournament host and Site manager at ellingc@fargo.k12.nd.us.
  • If judges or coaches have questions, please contact Gayle/Clover or Pennie (at your respective site) or both in a group message. Gayle is the tournament manager and will work with Clover on tournament issues. 
  • There will be four preset rounds for the tournament, which will be released to all participants before the meet.  Coaches and students should review this information and reach out with any questions. Judges and students who are in these rounds will be able to have access to knowing their rounds before the start of the tournament. These preset rounds will be sent out a couple days before the start of the tournament for students and coaches to look at tournament sites and rounds before hand. 


Judge Information: 

  • Please register your judges as LD or PF. There can be no cross-over of judges. Judges will be assigned to judge either LD or PF and should report to that site. Judges should register for Tabroom.com linked accounts and should try to use the online ballot option if at all possible. Questions about the online ballot or registration can be directed to Gayle Hyde. Paper ballots will be available to judges, but if at all possible we would like them to use the online ballot option.
  • Upon arrival, judges should check in with the site manager for ballots and room assignment.  Judges should also check out with the site manager before leaving. PLEASE BE SURE YOUR JUDGES HAVE A TABROOM.COM ACCOUNT and register them with this linked account.
  • You will need 1 judge for every 1-2 LD / PF entries. (1-2=1 judge; 3-4= 2 judges; 5-6=3 judges.) You may hire a judge at  $70 / judge.
  • There will be no coach/judge lounge or hospitality area.


  • Due to COVID-19 regulations, there will be NO concessions or shared common spaces at either site. Students and coaches are expected to eat lunch before the start of the tournament. Students and coaches are expected to bring their own bottled water as well as food. 


Tabroom and Registration: 

  • Coaches can register their students for the 2021 Fargo North Debate Invitational on  Tabroom at http://fargonorth.tabroom.com/. Registration will be due Monday, Jan.11th  by 6:00PM. 
  • Judges are asked to register for a linked Tabroom Account.
  • Coaches from each school can register a maximum of 6 teams per event. This means a coach can only register 6 teams for Lincoln-Douglas and 6 teams for Public Forum due to COVID-19 student number restrictions where we can only have 84 students in the building at once per tournament site. Depending on PF numbers, there may have additional limits imposed. 
  • Divisions will be divided into two divisions for both PF and LD. Division 1 will be like Open LD and PF and Division 2 will follow the requirements for Division 3 in the past
  • Registration costs per school entries will go as followed: 
    • 10.00/LD entry
    • 15.00/PF entry
    • 70.00/Hired Judge
  • Register on Tabroom or send the registration to Gayle Hyde at hydeg@fargoschools.org. Any registration changes should go to Gayle Hyde. 

COVID-19 Guidelines and Mask Requirements: 

  • Masks are required for ALL participants at the tournament except when eating. 
  • Students arrive and leave in competition attire. 
  • No observers are allowed in rounds. 
  • Electronic exchange of evidence is allowed. 
  • Partners will be at separate tables except for preparation time. 
  • Debate will be held from table and not podium. 


Tabulation and Results: 

  • Final tabulation of tournament will be completed following the tournament. 
  • Ballots will be available on tabroom.com or will be scanned and emailed to coaches following the tournament.
  • Awards will be given to schools at the next tournament.