River City Lights

2021 — Richmond, VA/US


The Richmond Region Speech and Debate Initiative (RRSDI) is elated to host another FREE high school virtual event.  As an overview, the schedule will run from 6:00pm-8:00pm with registration beginning at 5:30pm.  We will be utilizing Zoom for all things check-in and tech support. Tabroom will be used for registration, schematics, and rooms via NSDA Campus. All pertinent information will be posted on the tabroom main page as a reference point. If not found, feel free to e-mail Zach Perry at zach.perry@richmond.edu for any and all questions. Given that this will be a simple scrimmage, there will not be an awards ceremony.


Judges, please be sure to fill out your paradigms before the tournament starts!


*Note*: Congress legislation must be e-mailed to zach.perry@richmond.edu no later than Friday, Febraury 13th @ 11pm. The format must follow that of VHSL topic guidelines (DIEV) and formatted in a word (.docx) document.