Texas Novice State Championship

2021 — Online, TX/US

Friends and Colleagues,

The debate programmes of the Round Rock, McNeil, and Westwood High Schools cordially invites you to attend the inaugural, virtualTexas Novice State Championship and the Debbie Johnson Round Robin on May 1st and 2nd

The mission of the Texas Novice State Championship is to provide a fantastic end-of-year tournament experience for all first-year speech and debate competitors in the Lone Star state.
We offer Novice divisions of Cross-Examination debate, Lincoln-Douglas debate, and Public Forum with 5 preliminary rounds and elimination rounds to follow. 
We will also have synchronous Novice divisions of Congressional debate, International Extemporaneous Speaking, and United States Extemporaneous Speaking.
Further, we will offer asynchronous Novice divisions of Dramatic Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Humourous Interpretation, Informative, Original Oratory, Poetry, and Programme Oral Interpretation.

In order to pass on savings to programmes, the tournament will utilise the NSDA Campus platform.


Additionally, the Debbie Johnson Round Robin will take place concurrently for Varsity Cross-Examination debate, Lincoln-Douglas debate, and Public Forum

We encourage directors/coaches to submit entries along with past tournament success (all on the Tabroom registration process) for consideration to each of the round robin - we strongly suggest you enter your top Varsity debaters to be ranked by a select featured of directors and coaches from around the state. 

We will release the full participants of each round robin and the corresponding schematics on April 12th. Each round robin will be conducted via Zoom and livestreamed on YouTube.

The namesake of the round robins is in honour of Debbie Johnson, former Director at Round Rock High School, where she diligently served students for just under 30 years. At Round Rock, Debbie built a legacy of programme that reached impressive team depth and success, warranting TFA Hall of Fame status - you can read more about her illustrious career here.


Each tournament will provide wonderful competition and judging with a humane and healthy schedule while offering impressive awards to contestants.

We hope to play host to you and your debaters,

Cara Beth Daly                                                         Dominic Henderson                                                      Sohail Jouya
Round Rock High School                                         McNeil High School                                                      Westwood High School

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