CNFL 2 Central Nebraska Forensics League

2023 — Grand Island, NE/US

This is a restricted tournament to schools that belong to the

Nebraska Central Nebraska Forensics League

If you sign up and are not part of this organization we will delete your entries.


Need help during the tournament:


January 15, 2022 at Grand Island Senior High School


              Entries are due January 10th, 2022  No changes after 5 p.m. on Thursday January 14 




January 29th, 2022 at Grand Island Senior High School


              Entries are due January 24th, 2022  No changes after 5 p.m. on Thursday January 27  




Dear Fellow Central Nebraska Speech Coaches,


Covid protocol reminder: Masks are strongly recommended in GIPS facilities, but are not required. Here is the specific information directly from GIPS:  Grand Island Public Schools announced that we will be transitioning to masks recommended but not mandatory for staff, students, and visitors effective January 3, 2022.

*Please know CNFL will support the protocol and safety measures you, your school, and your team need to follow to feel safe competing. 

*Additionally, please remind your students to be conscious of others protocol needs.  A few of our hired judges have reached out with concerns about performance spaces and they may need to rearrange the room a bit to feel more comfortable.  We certainly want everyone to feel safe including our wise and wonderful judges.



Welcome to the beginning of a brand new season!! I am sure that all of you are in the midst of a busy, yet successful school year!                                                                                        

To begin, the two dates set for this year's tournaments are Saturday, January 15th, 2022 and Saturday, January 29th, 2022Both meets will be held at Grand Island High School.

It is our hope as an organization that we can come together to provide a wonderful and fair competition as well as quality learning experiences among many schools of many sizes in our area. In our efforts to keep this as affordable as possible, our membership fees for this year will be $125 per school, with no discounts for spring meeting. This fee allows you to enter one or both meets with an unlimited number of entries.

You need to provide one judge for every six entries or pay $75 per judge for the entries not covered. Please be responsible to bring well educated and knowledgeable judges. We all want our kids to come away with ballots full of quality praises and critiques.  

When preparing to register, please note that all entries will be done through the website <> under the CNFL link.

 CNFL 1 --

 CNFL 2 --

Registration for each meet is due the Sunday before the meet. If a school registers from Monday through Wednesday before the tournament, they will be assigned a $100 late fee. No registrations will be allowed after Wednesday.

Students may enter up to three events per tournament. There will be novice and varsity division of competition. Novice means that this is the student's first year competing in speech. If a student has competed in ANY event in a previous year, this student is expected to compete as varsity. Tournament format will be 3 rounds and no finals. The top ten entries will receive medals in novice competition. The top 15 entries in varsity individual events will receive medals. In novice and varsity the top 10 group event entries will receive medals.

Finally, Coaches, we recognize that there are many coaching changes this year. If you notice that someone is not on the list, or know someone that is interested in attending our contests, PLEASE forward it on to them or let me know so that I can forward it on to them! 

Thank you so much for your time, and thank you for all you do for students!


Kaitlyn Clark for CNFL