Broken Bow Speech Tournament

2023 — Broken Bow, NE/US

Only Nebraska schools will be allowed to register.  

If you register and have not contacted the tournament director your entries will be deleted.


Results -- 2022


Dear Speech Friends:

The Broken Bow High School Speech Team would like to invite you to the Broken Bow Speech Invitational on January 22, 2022.


Entries: We will be using David Cooper’s services in setting up the tournament. Use the following web address to access the page:      Then follow the links to register your novice and varsity performers and judges. Please limit your speakers to three events. We need to have all varsity and novice entry forms no later than Sunday, January 16th . Drops and adds will be accepted through Wednesday, January 19th.


Competition: We will follow the two rounds and finals format. This year we will run a championship final for the top 6 in Varsity and Novice and an honors final for 7th - 12th in Varsity only. . This will be adjusted as necessary for events that have less than 12 participants. Superior ribbons will be awarded to all competitors who did not medal but received a total score of 90 or above in the two preliminary rounds.


Fees: Entry fees will be $7.00 per entry for all events, both individual and group, for both novice and varsity competition. We will not refund any fees for drops after Wednesday, January 19th , or charge for substitutions. We will not accept any adds on the day of the tournament. Please provide one judge for every six entries, or pay $75 for each six uncovered entries or portion thereof. You are responsible for the judges you intend to bring to the meet; if you do not arrive with the number of judges you specified you will be billed accordingly. All judges will need to have a account to be registered


Courtesy: As a courtesy, we ask that all competitors remain in their rounds until the round is over to provide a courteous audience for all speakers, unless they are legitimately double entered. We would also like to remind students to be quiet when traveling through the halls or waiting for a round to finish. Audience members can check in the office or the tab room if they want to know where their student will be performing.


We look forward to seeing you on the 22nd .


Stefanie Edwards

(work) 308-872-2475 (cell) 308-