American Debate League 2021 Winter Classic Part II

2021 — NSDA Campus, NY/US

We are so excited to host you for the AMERICAN DEBATE LEAGUE tournament!

For Speech, we will be running an all asynchronous competition. We will hold 3 preliminary rounds and a final in all events. This means that IE students are not required to be present for the competition. Judges, please note the deadlines that we would require you to turn in the ballots.

Prelim Round Assignments will be blasted out WEDNESDAY evening (we aim to have them out by 8 PM)

Prelim Round Assignments are due by THURSDAY at 6 PM

We will announce FINALS by THURSDAY at 8 PM.

Finals Round Assignments will be blasted out by THURSDAY at 10 PM

Finals Round Assignments are due by FRIDAY at 4 PM

We will be communicating with you throughout the entire tournament about how we can field everything. If there are ANY questions, do not hesitate to ask!!! Reach out to