Paducah Tilghman Tornado Alley Invitational

2021 — Paducah, KY/US

Tornado Alley Invitational Speech Tournament

Please join us January 12-16, 2021 for the Tornado Alley Speech Invitational Tournament. The tournament will be entirely asynchronous via



We will be offering all KHSSL Senior Speech events. Register an unlimited number of contestants in each category. The top three will count toward sweepstakes. Students may quadruple in all events.



Please register through and upload video links by 5 PM CST on Monday, January 11th.



Event fees are $6 per individual entry and $12 per duo. Teams are responsible for hiring or bringing one judge per 6 entries or fraction thereof. You may hire judges for $35. All judges must have active tabroom accounts. Please make checks payable to Paducah Tilghman High School.



Sunday, 1/10 @ noon

Limited prep topics released

Monday, 1/11 @ 5 pm

Registration and video upload deadline

Tuesday, 1/12 @ 3 pm

Prelim ballots post

Thursday, 1/14 @ 3 pm

Prelim ballots due

Friday, 1/15 @ 5 pm

Finals ballots post

Saturday, 1/16 @ noon

Finals ballots due

Saturday, 1/16 @ 5 pm

Live awards



We have team sweepstakes trophies for the top 3 teams and medals for the top six entries in each category. Awards will be mailed after completion of the tournament and receipt of your team’s entry fees.

Event Rules & Sample Ballots

Broadcasting will follow round two rules (3 min student-prepared script)


Dramatic Interpretation

Duo Interpretation

Extemporaneous Speaking will have prompts sent to coaches noon CST 1/10

Humorous Interpretation

Impromptu Speaking will have prompts sent to coaches noon CST 1/10

Improvisational Duo will have prompts sent to coaches noon CST 1/10

Informative Speaking



Program Oral Interpretation




We hope to see you the week of Jan 16th! If you have questions, feel free to call or email me. I am truly honored to host you.


Best wishes,


Rachael Castillo          

270-444-5650 ext.2102