Lewis and Clark Invitational 2021

2021 — Online, SD/US

Welcome to the 2021 Lewis and Clark Invitational! We are excited to host you virtually this year!

We will offer a tournament including IEs – Humorous Interp, Dramatic Interp, Duo Interp, Program Interp, Inform, Novice Oratory, Varsity Oratory, International, Domestic, and Novice Extemp, and Student Congress.

We will also offer 4 rounds and a final of debate for Novice PF and Novice LD, and 5 rounds and a final for JV and Varsity PF and Varsity LD.

** While we will not have a separate novice category in our interp events, do make sure that your novices are indicated in Tabroom. We will be giving top novice prizes in HI, DI, DUO, POI, and Info.

Here is the plan/schedule:

Any memorized events will need to be uploaded by Wednesday night at 5:00. Those events will be assigned judges and judged over Thursday and Friday. Judging must be completed by Friday at 10 pm.  

Extemp & Congress will be "live" via Zoom Rooms on Friday using the following (tentative) schedule - all times Central Standard:

Rd 1 Draw - 4:00 - Speak 4:30 (note: West river schools, we can schedule you near the end to avoid getting out of school)

Rd 2 Draw - 5:15 - Speak 5:45

Rd 3 Draw – 6:30 - Speak 7:00


Congress Legislation will be that used at previous SD tournaments. If someone has new legislation to add to the docket send it my way and i can work on compiling a new docket to be used. 


Congress Session 1 4:00 - 5:45

Supper Break 

Congress Session 2 6:15 - 8:00

On Saturday we will have Varsity, JV, and Novice Public Forum and Varsity and Novice Lincoln-Douglas.  Debate will be held via Zoom Rooms.

**We will be debating the February topic to allow another tournament with the Qualifier topic.**


Rd 1 – Tech Check 8:45, Start 9:00

Rd 2 – 10:00, 10:15

Rd 3 – 11:15, 11:30

Rd 4: 1:15, 1:30

Finals: 2:45, 3:00


JV and Varsity:

Rd 1 – Tech Check 8:45, Start 9:00

Rd 2 – 10:00, 10:15

Rd 3 – 11:15, 11:30

Rd 4: 1:15, 1:30

Rd 5: 2:45, 3:00

Finals: 4:15, 4:30


Hope to see you at the Lewis and Clark Invitational!

Chelsea and Amanda