Puget Sound District Tournament

2021 — WA/US

Puget Sound District Qualifier

for the 2021 National Tournament
Sat 2/27 Sat 3/6 HSE SEN
Fri 3/5 Sat 3/6 LD CX PF
Big Questions
Fri 3/5 Sat 3/6

***  UPDATE ON 3/4.... Our tournament ombudsperson this weekend is Coach Josh Jablon from King's High School.   If you have an issue with judging or equity, please contact him at: joshjablon819@yahoo.com or (253)878-2168.


***UPDATE ON 3/4... Lisa Weber has created some files for LD and PF Expectations.  They can be downloaded on the toolbar on the right!




*** UPDATE ON 2/11:   Here is the link to nominate members of our community for Coach, Assistant Coach, Adminstrator, and Student of the Year.... We look forward to reading your nominations! 





Welcome to the Puget Sound District of the National Speech and Debate Association's National Qualification Tournament!


February 27, 2021    Student Congress

March 5-6, 2021        Debate and Individual Events


* Student Congress Schedule

8 am          Registration

9-11:30 am         Session 1 House & Session 1 Senate

12-2:30 pm        Session 2 House & Session 2 Senate

3:30-6:00 pm     Super Congress House & Session 3 Senate

7:00 pm              Awards


* Debate and Individual Events

Asynchronous Events (DI/DUO/HI/POI/OO/INF)


Asynchronous speech events (all but Extemp) are uploaded by Wednesday, March 3, by 9 p.m.


Asynchronous ballots will be sent on Thursday, March 4.


Asynchronous Ballots must be completed by Friday, March 5 at midnight.


Main Tournament – All Debate & IX & DX

Friday, March 5:

3 pm           Registration

4- 6 pm                Rd 1           CX

4- 5 pm                Rd 1           LD/ PF/Big Q

5:30- 6:30 pm     Rd 2           LD/PF/Big Q

6- 8 pm                Rd 2           CX

7- 8 pm                Rd 3           LD/PF/Big Q

8:30- 9:30 pm     Rd 4           LD/ PF/ Big Q

8- 10 pm             Rd 3           CX


Saturday, March 6:

7:30 AM             Round 1              Extemp Prep

8 – 9 AM            Round 1               Extemp

8 – 9 AM            Asynchronous Finals Ballots Released

9 – 11 AM         Rd 4                     CX

9 – 10 AM         Elim Rd 1           LD/PF/BQ

11:00                  Round 2              Extemp Prep

11:30 – 12:30    Round 2               Extemp

12:30 – 2:30      Elim Rd 1           CX

12:30 – 1:30      Elim Rd 2           LD/PF/BQ

2:30                    Round 3               Extemp Prep

3:00 – 4:00        Round 3               Extemp

4:00 – 6:00        Elim Rd 2           CX

4:00 – 5:00        Elim Rd 3           LD/PF/BQ

5:00 – 6:00        Elim Rd 4           LD/PF/BQ

6:00                    Asynchronous Final Ballots Due

6:00                    Finals                  Extemp Prep

6:30 – 7:30        Finals                  Extemp

ASAP                 Awards


* Fees:

Student Congress Entries...FREE!

School Fee                             $50

LD, PF, CX, and BQ            $50

All Speech Entries                $25


* Judge Requirements:

One judge for every debate entry (LD/ PF/CX/BQ)

committed for two rounds after school has been eliminated in debate.


One judge for every four speech entries.

A judge may cover four asynchronous entries and four synchronous entries.  All speech judges are committed to covering three preliminary rounds and final rounds.


Asynchronous judges may not judge debate on Friday, March 5.


Schools that have more than 10 entries for the Debate and Speech Tournament must have at least two independent judges. This needs to be indicated on their judge registration.


Judges must have judging experience in three tournaments in the category they are assigned.


* General Rules & Information:

Registration for Congress is due February 20.

Registration for Speech and Debate is due February 26.


As usual, for Speech and Debate, a student may enter 2 speech events or 1 speech and 1 debate form. Student Congress is considered a separate tournament so students may compete in Congress and enter two events at the Speech and Debate tournament.


Students may only enter one form of debate (LD/CX/PF/BQ).


Students may only enter one form of Extemporaneous Speaking—Foreign or Domestic.


A school may only enter a maximum of 4 entries in any given event, except for Student Congress.


Students may only enter one partner event, unless both events have the same partner.


Students may compete in two events, but they may only go to Nationals in one. If one of the two events is a partner event, they must compete at Nationals in the partner event.


Students must be a NSDA member (which means having at least 25 points) by 7 days before the tournament.

All judging for Student Congress will be done by Legislative Aids currently working in Olympia.


To nominate students for the Puget Sound NSDA Worlds Team, please fill out the following google form by February 27th.  After the nomination process, Worlds coaches Kelley Kirkpatrick (Mount Vernon) and Derek Hanson (Glacier Peak) will schedule interviews for students being considered for the team. Selections will be announced during the Awards Ceremony at the Speech and Debate Tournament.




Register on Tabroom and then send all of your tabroom accounts for judges, coaches and competitors to Cascade Commons using a copy of this spreadsheet:




All asynchronous events are also uploaded on Cascade Commons.  For additional help, please contact:



Please remit payment by check.  That is the only form of payment that can be accepted for this tournament. Checks should be made out to:


Puget Sound District NSDA

c/o Steven Helman

Kamiak High School

10801 Harbour Pointe Boulevard

Mukilteo, Wa. 98275


If you have any questions, please contact Steve Helman at Helmansm@mukilteo.wednet.edu.