Sierra District Tournament

2021 — CA/US

Sierra District Qualifier

for the 2021 National Tournament
Sierra Speech and Debate Quals
Sierra Congress Quals
Sat 3/27 Sat 3/27 HSE SEN

Greetings Sierra Coaches -

This is the first year we are using for our qualifier - so please be patient with me as I am still learning all the ins and outs of the site. 

Entries - all entry rules are the same as previous years. Students can double enter in this tournament - 2 speech events or 1 debate and 1 speech. This has no bearing on their eligibility to enter Nat Quals Congress or Big Questions as those are a separate tournament. 

Remember that all entries MUST be current NSDA members (I don't think the site will you register non-members). Your school must also be a current paid member for this year. If you owe any money to the NSDA, it must be paid before the start of the tournament. Send me your tournament fees ASAP - I need some proof of payment on the way before Nat Quals Congress. 

All schools will see a $50 Sierra Dues charge on their invoices. This will only be paid once, so if your school also attend Nat Quals Congress/Big Questions, you will not be charged this fee again. 

Please review the tournament manual for event specific rules. There are some differences between CHSSA and NSDA. 

OO, POI, DUO, HI, DI, and INF are all being done asynchronously - so be sure to include the video link when you register. 

IX, USX and debate events are live. Depending on entries, this may mean adjusting our traditional schedule.  

Schedule - this will be updated to include times once we have final entry numbers, but this is the general schedule. Speech events with 28 or fewer entries will cut directly to Finals. If there are no cross entries between extemp and Debate (and judge allowing) these rounds will run concurrently. 

More details and Zoom information for check-in can be found here


Thursday, March 18

Prelim Round 1 for Asynch Events (all day - due at 8pm)

Prelim Round 2 for Aysnch Events (all day - due at 8pm)

4pm (3:30 DRAW) - Prelim Round 1 for USX and IX

5:30pm Round 1 of Debate - LD, CX, PF - flighted LD/PF


Friday, March 19 (live rounds begin at 4pm)

Prelim Round 3 for Asynch Events (all day-due at 8pm)

4pm (3:30 DRAW) - Prelim Round 2 for USX and IX

5:30pm Round 2 of Debate - LD, CX, PF - flighted LD/PF



Saturday, March 20 (live rounds begin at 8am)

8am Draw @ 7:30 - Prelim Round 3 of USX and IX

9:30 am Round 3 of Debate- LD, CX, PF - flighted LD/PF

11:30 am Round 4 of Debate- LD, CX, PF - flighted LD/PF

1:30pm Draw Final Round of USX and IX

Final Round for Asynch Events due at 3pm

3:30 pm Round 5 of Debate- LD, CX, PF - flighted LD/PF

5:30 Round 6 of Debate - single elimination - single flight

6:30 Round 7 of Debate - single elimination - single flight

7:30 Round 8 of Debate - single elimination - single flight