Bethel Park Black Hawk Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, PA/US

This year's invitational is special. Amidst all of the restrictions and unimaginable events we have lived through since our last time together, I am so grateful for the chance to bring great people together to create great things! I look forward to our virtual visit.


Events that are offered are the official National Speech and Debate Association events -
Lincoln-Douglas Debate*
Public Forum Debate*

Extemp*: International & US will be in alternating rounds
Original Oratory*
Dramatic Interpretation of Literature*
Humorous Interpretation of Literature*
Duo Interpretation of Literature*
Programmed Oral Interp*


LD, PF,  Congress, and the Extemps will be synchronous
We will use NSDA Campus for these real time rounds. We plan to begin(ideally) by 3:30pm on Friday February 12, 2021.

All others will be recorded and submitted by noon on Wednesday February 10, 2021
All times are in Eastern Standard.

*TOC bids are awarded for these events.  For PF: 1st and 2nd will receive division gold bids and 3rd and 4th will receive silver bids.
Judging requirements so that we can attempt to single flight as often as possible are as follows:

All the debate events -
1 judges for one or two entries (2-person debate is 1 entry)

Congress & Speech events – judges in congress could be placed to judge speech
1 judges for 1 to 5 entries.  Please inform your Speech/Congress judges of this grouping.

Async events will be judged on Thursday and Friday before the "live" - synched part of the tournament begins, and will need a separate set of judges! Be sure that your judges for these events can complete their judging requirement on Thursday and Friday as well as Saturday.