Bethel Park Black Hawk Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, PA/US

Please TEXT our Google Voice Number (412) 376-3490 

if you have any problems/questions during the tournament or a missing judge please

TEXT(Do Not Call) the Google Voice number (412) 376-3490.

A voice call will not connect with us you must TEXT.


This year's invitational is special. Amidst all of the restrictions and unimaginable events we have lived through since our last time together, I am so grateful for the chance to bring great people together to create great things! I look forward to our virtual visit.


We will be competing on Feb 13th for live events(LD, PF, and Congress & Extemp) AND async for Speech events

Our opening meeting will be at 8AM with awards ceremony around 4:30PM (times are EST in Pittsburgh, PA)

Please visit the 'Coach's Updates' page for changes and further details

TOC bids are awarded for these events notated with an*  For PF: 1st and 2nd will receive division gold bids and 3rd and 4th will receive silver bids.

LD, PF,  Congress, and the Extemps will be synchronousWe will use NSDA Campus for these real time rounds. 

Congress Legislation Link not working... access Legislation Here


All other events will need to submit their recording links by 6pm on Wednesday February 10, 2021 -- PLEASE be careful with your upload link for async events as there is no guaranteed audit.



Events that are offered are the official National Speech and Debate Association events -
Lincoln-Douglas Debate* NSDA Feb topic
Public Forum Debate* NSDA Feb Topic

Congress*: legislation packet will be posted by 2/6 @ 3PM. SuperSession will have separate legislation: #1, #4, #7 and #9
Extemp*: International & US will be addressed rounds... yes we may reference NSDA and potentially others
Original Oratory*
Dramatic Interpretation of Literature*
Humorous Interpretation of Literature*
Duo Interpretation of Literature*
Programmed Oral Interp*

Judging requirements so that we can attempt to single flight as often as possible are as follows:

All judging will be done on Saturday Feb 13th

Judges for hire - at the moment - I have 0 for hire in speech/debate and 0 for hire in debate.

Please refer to 'Coach's Updates' page for more information.

All the debate events -
1 judges for one or two entries

(2-person team is 1 entry: PF & Duo) 

Congress & Speech events – judges in congress could be placed to judge speech
1 judges for 1 to 5 entries.  Please inform your Speech/Congress judges of this grouping.

Async events 

All judging will be done on Saturday and follow along with the rounds as they progress: beginning at 8:30AM and running through the day until the awards at 4:30PM(times are approximate)

Synched events(live through NSDA Campus) for Debate, Congress, and Extemp

Will be judged on Saturday from 7:45AM until 4:00PM(times are approximate)