Crowe Warken Debates at USNA

2021 — Online, MD/US

Crowe Warken Debates 2021


Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to be able to welcome you to the 2021 Crowe Warken Debates, hosted by the United States Naval Academy.  While hosting looks very different this year, we are pleased to still be offering our traditional robust competition on our usual weekend.  We look forward to seeing many of you via! 

Best Regards, 

Danielle O’Gorman 

Director of Debate

United States Naval Academy 


Basic Details

(full invite in Tournament Pages and Forms to right)

 Dates, Schedule, Time Zone, and Platform


Saturday January 16-Monday January 18, 2021.

Tournament operates in the Eastern time zone.

We are very happy to be hosting using the tournament platform.


(Note the tentative Doubles round on Sunday evening will be only for divisions that break to Doubles. Divisions which break to Octofinals (or smaller) will start elimination rounds Monday morning.)



Entries will be accepted in all three divisions – novice, junior varsity, and varsity.  We are also experimenting with a rookie division.  The rookie division will use a modified version of the ADA Novice Packet (to be posted on the ADA website by January 2, 2021). The rookie division will not count for ADA / NDT / CEDA points, and will not include elimination debates.

Hybrid entries are welcome and eligible to clear.

Per ADA Rules, mavericks may not begin the tournament. 

In each division, there will be six preliminary rounds of debate competition, with an appropriate number of elimination rounds relative to the field, not to exceed double octafinals. 

The topic for debates will be the 2020-2021 resolution.

The entry deadline is January 12 at 5 pm. Teams dropping after that time will be assessed entry fees.



$35 per team—covering the platform, tabbing expenses, and some hired judging. 

Fees will be locked in on Tuesday January 12.

Fees will be payable via credit card or electronic check. We will be establishing an online payment portal and will provide information soon.

Teams experiencing budget difficulties should contact Danielle ( for assistance.