Lakeland Westchester Classic 2021

2021 — Online, NY/US

The February 26-28, 2021 tournament is online (PF, LD, Parli are February 26-7 only)
The tournament will be hosted on the platform
Entry fees are $30/entry.  ALL ROUNDS WILL BE SINGLE FLIGHTED


Certificates will be distributed in lieu of trophies. 

The tournament is open to non-school participants as long as their own school is not competing in tournament or their coach/school objects to their participation.

We will host a round robin on Thursday, February 25th for PF and Policy. All students who have achieved at least a 4-2 record at a TOC bid tournament are welcome to apply. Participants will be selected primarily based on their contribution to a diverse field based (in no particular order) on gender/identity, race, socioeconomic status, school, and geographic location.  Application will open December 1.




Amisha Mody Mehta -- PF
Sheryl Kaczmarek and Jim Menick -- LD & Policy



2-3:30 PM -- Registration for all


Friday -- LD & PF

4:00 R1
5:30 R2
7:00 R3

Saturday -- LD & PF

9:00 R4
10:30 R5
12:30 R6
2:30 Eim 1
4:30 pm Elim 2
6:30 Elim 3
8:00 Elim 4
9:30 Elim 5



3pm – Round 1 
5:15 pm – Round 2
8:00 pm – Round 3


9 R4
12 R5
3 R6
6 first elim
8: 30 second elim


Elims 3-5 as needed


NOTE: Novice is for debaters in their first year of debate.

This does not mean the first year of high school debate.  If you would like to appeal a particular team (for example, if one of the debaters debated at one tournament last year), you can do so by emailing before the tournament. 

JV is for students who have no more than one previous year of debate.  Again, appeals process noted above.
 All debate events are “switch side” – students will be expected to debate both sides of the resolution.


PF: February NSDA and January-February NYCUDL Topic (you can pick the topic division)
L-D: January/February L-D (all divisions) 
Policy: Criminal Justice Topic

We expect that all judges will pay attention in the debates they are judging and will work to provide a fair decision based on the criteria they outline in their judge philosophies.

We also expect judges to behave in a way that is appropriate in a middle school/high school environment. Any judges that exhibit behavior inconsistent with this expectation can and will be removed from the tournament by the tournament director at his discretion. The financial costs of missed rounds will be passed on to the school that entered the judge. 

Unless there is a violation of the Conduct policy by the judge or the team(s) in the debate, the tab room views the judge’s decision regarding all arguments made in the debates as final. If the tabroom determines that a judge or the team(s) violates a Conduct policy expectation, the tabroom may alter the decision in a way that it feels is fairest for the debaters involved. uses a Zoom. Rounds will be recorded in case of a conduct issues but will otherwise be deleted at the conclusion of the tournament. No rounds will be published online.


Judge Assignment


We will use a standard ordinal rankings judge placement system in varsity policy and varsity L-D (as numbers permit).


We will not use preferences in the other divisions.