Bartlett HS Panther Playhouse Invitational

2021 — Bartlett, TN/US

Bartlett High School


Panther Playhouse Invitational Forensics Tournament


Dear Forensics Coaches,


Bartlett High School would like to invite you and your team to compete in our Invitational Forensics Tournament to be held the week of January 27-30.


Events: We will be offering the following events: After Dinner Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, Informative Speaking, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Original Oratory, Poetry, Prose, Pantomime, Program of Oral Interpretation, Solo Acting, Storytelling, Public Forum Debate (January topic). We'll be combining Duet Acting and Duo Interpretation into one event called Duet. The rules for the Duet event are published on the Duet Rules page.


Competition: THSSDL rules will be followed for each event. Students will be allowed to enter an unlimited number of events and schools may enter an unlimited number of entries.


All IE rounds will be asynchronous.

Round 1 will be open from 8am to 8pm on Wednesday, January 27

Round 2 will be open from 8am to 8pm on Thursday, January 28.

Round 3 will be open from 8am to 8pm on Friday, January 29

The final round will open on Friday evening by 9pm and will need to be completed by noon on Saturday, January 30


Coaches must provide a video link to the student's performance for each entry.  There is a spot for “performance link” on the entry tab for each student’s entry. Entry videos need to be linked by 5pm on Monday, January 25.

Topics for limited prep will be emailed to coaches on Monday evening (5pm) with videos due for those events within 24 hours (by 6pm Tuesday). There will be only one recording each for limited prep events which will be used throughout the tournament.  We realize this does not follow the rules for the events, but under the circumstances it has been deemed the best option at this time. Time limit for Impromptu will be 7 min with 30 second grace. Time limit for Extemp will be 7 min with a 30 second grace.


All rounds of PFD will be held live on Saturday, January 30 with the following schedule (all times are CST).

Round 1 - 8:30am

Round 2 - 10:00 am

Round 3 - 11:30 am

Finals - 2:00 pm


Awards: Awards will be announced via Facebook live at 4pm (CST).  A link will be sent for awards after registration. Medals will be given to the top six competitors in each category and to the top three performing schools for sweeps.


Judges: Please provide 1 judge for every 6 Individual Event entries or fraction thereof and 1 judge for every 2 Public Forum teams. Judges will be expected to be available for the entire competition. All judges will need to have registered accounts and have technology available to effectively judge each round.  Rounds will be asynchronous, and judges will be expected to have prelim rounds completed by 8pm Friday, January 29.


Finals: Finals will be posted on ASAP Friday evening as to get the round information blasted to the judges quickly.  Those rounds will need to be completed by noon on Saturday, January 30.  Final rounds will consist of the student performance videos used throughout the tournament.


Fees: Entry fees are $8.00 per person per entry. There will be a $15 charge for each uncovered judge. Teams will be assessed a drop fee of $10 per entry after Tuesday, January 26 at 6pm central. Any judge drop after this deadline will result in a $50 fine. 

Checks for entry fees may be made out and sent to:


Bartlett High School

Attn: Kevin Rogers

5688 Woodlawn Street

Bartlett, TN 38134


Registration: Registration will be conducted online on Tuesday, January 26, beginning at 3pm central time and ending at 7pm central time.  Teams must check in through email to within this timeframe to review any last minute changes, including drops, adds or subs.  Simply state your status in these areas in the email to allow us time to get the changes made in Tabroom.


Kevin Rogers                                                                           

Forensics Director



Roxanna McCommon

Debate Coach


Jessie Steele

Assistant Forensics Coach


Ben Sutton     Anna Wright

2020-2021 Forensics Captains


Bartlett High School

5688 Woodlawn

Bartlett, TN 38134