District One Mini Tourney

2020 — Online, WA/US


You are invited to the District One Mini-Tourney... an easy and effective way to get some extra rounds (and make sure that all of our District One teams are eligible for the State Championships!)

Here is the schedule we will be using on Cascade Commons:

3-4pm- Round 1 LD/PF/Congress

4-5pm- Round 1 Speech

5-6pm- Round 2 LD/PF/Congress

6-7pm- Round 2 Speech

7-8pm- Round 3 LD/PF/Congress

*  Yes, it is a tight and slightly insane schedule-- but I think we can do it!

* We will be focusing on finding coaches and District One alumni to be the judges!

* There is no cost for this tournament.  The MVHS Debate Team will cover the cost of Cascade Commons... though if you would like to contribute a bit to this, feel free!

* LD, PF, Congress will obviously be synchronous.   Same for Extemp and Impromptu!   

* For Congress, we will be picking 2 bills per session to be debated and will try to keep the chambers small.  Our hope is that this will allow each competitor to deliver 6 speeches.  Now, it might not work out like that, but that is the hope!  We will add the bills for each round soon.

* Oratory, Informative, and the Interps will be recorded and will need to be submitted by Sunday, December 6th at 8pm.   BUT, the events will be judged synchronously so that competitors can watch each others performances.

* Not a District One school?  No problem!  We understand that everyone is having a hard time getting started this season and might be needing an easy way to compete-- we would love for you to join us!


Please contact me at kkirkpatrick@mvsd320.org if you have any questions!