2021 Ivy Street Round Robin

2021 — Online, GA/US

2021 Ivy Street Round Robin


Ardrey Kell High School, NC -- Emma Rogers & Sreyas Sureneni
Bethesda Chevy Chase High School, MD -- Eli Glickman & Roy Tiefer
Blake School, MN -- Josh Enebo & Skylar Wang
Blake School, MN -- Ava Olson & Ale Perri
Charles Flanagan High School, FL -- Manuel De Leon & Michael Gold
Hawken School, OH -- Alex Watson & Claire Marrie
Lakeville South High School, MN -- Gus Gerlach & Henry Nomeland
Marist School, GA -- Claire Lauterbach & Sydney Vance
Marist School, GA -- Anthony Ovadje & Lauryn Walker
Mountain Brook, AL -- Jane Grey Battle & Maggie Doyle
NSU University School, FL -- Amanda Frank & Peyton Ronkin
Richard Montgomery High School, MD -- Carina Guo & Jennifer Lin
Seven Lakes High School, TX -- Justin Zhang & Arjun Surya
Walt Whitman High School, MD -- Katherine Dwyer & Sophia Polley-Fisanich 

12/31 Updates from the Round Robin

We will have two pods of 7 teams each.  The pods will be split based on competitive success and account  for geographic and gender diversity.  Each preliminary round will have two judges and the top two teams from each pod will be invited to compete in the elimination debates. It is our intention that all rounds will be livestreamed similar to the Blake tournament and round robin.  We will send out any requisite forms that are needed from competitors in the coming weeks.

As a reminder, we have cut the fees this year to $100 per team as we have substantially lower overhead costs.  There will be a credit card payment option this year. I will post it next week when we return to school.  If you would like to pay by check, I have added that information to the invoices.  Additionally, each team is required to bring one judge to cover six rounds - you are allowed to split this commitment among different judges.  

The round robin does require 6 rounds of judging per entry in the pool.  If you cannot provide a judge, we will hire one for you for the cost of $250.  We ask that your judge be highly qualified.  Highly qualified means experienced in debate whether it is a former competitor or an active coach.  The purpose of this round robin is to provide top notch educational opportunities for students.  

Following the completion the round robin and the Emory tournament, we will mail each team their swag bag that they'd traditionally receive if we were in person.  We will collect this information via Tabroom registration pages - the refund address you enter when you register should be where you want things mailed, and the t-shirt sizes should be entered for your competitors on the T-Shirt tab.  

You can expect from us: t-shirts that commemorate the 2021 Ivy Street Round Robin, a small gift from Marist School and any trophies that you or your partner earn.  We will give out speaker awards to the top five speakers in each pod.  The speaker awards are custom wood cutouts of the Atlanta skyline.  Each team in the elimination rounds will receive an Eagle to recognize their achievement.  These Eagles are from the NSDA and will be shipped straight from the NSDA offices.   When they are mailed, we will send you a tracking number so you can have an idea of when they'll arrive.