Tarheel East District Tournament

2021 — NC/US

Tarheel East District Qualifier

for the 2021 National Tournament
NSDA Campus
Online, NC
Sat 2/27 Sat 2/27 HSE SEN
IE, Debate
NSDA Campus
Online, NC
Big Questions
NSDA Campus
Online, NC
Sat 4/10 Sat 4/10 BQ

District Congress Awards Ceremony


Tarheel East District Speech & Debate Tournament

On March 13th & 14th, the Tarheel East District will be holding the second portion of the NSDA District Tournament. We will be hosting the Speech & Debate Qualifier online via NSDA Campus & Tabroom.com. This tournament determines who competes in all Speech and Debate from our district at the NSDA National Tournament held June 14th through 18th, 2021.

Due to the nature of school entry limits, we ask that you update your students’ NSDA points through the NSDA’s Point Application at least 10 days prior to the tournament. Students must have a minimum of 25 NSDA points on record, as well as be registered individually through the NSDA website to be eligible to compete at the District Tournament.

Additionally, all fees must be paid with the NSDA prior to competing at the tournament. Any school with outstanding NSDA fees will not be allowed to compete until those fees are paid in full.

Registration will be held Friday evening via “Onsite Confirmation” and Zoom. This is in order to confirm that we have the most accurate representation of your competitors and judges. All of your paperwork will need to be organized and signed. Please help us begin on time by having this done ahead of time. (Paperwork is discussed in detail later in the document)

Each school must complete a District Tournament Registration Form. This form is automatically completed for you after you enter and complete your registration on Tabroom. This form must be fully completed, printed, signed, and turned into Crawford Leavoy by March 13th, 2021 (per NSDA rules).

Please send to:

Crawford Leavoy
103 Nuttree Way
Durham, NC, 27713

In accordance with new rule changes, we will permit changes to registrations after the seven-day deadline, but the registration must be received by the March 12th date to ensure entry into the tournament. All students and judges must be concurrently registered for the tournament on the Tabroom website as well. We must have both the electronic and hard copy version of your registration.

Please be sure to read the information on this website to ensure that you properly register.

Crawford Leavoy, District Chair - Durham Academy Michelle Boswell - Cumberland Polytechnic HS Patrick Jessee - Cary HS
Brittanie McNeil - Massey Hill Classical HS
RJ Pellicciotta - Cary Academy