Debate for Aid Inaugural Tournament

2020 — Online, FL/US

Welcome, the following tournament is brought to you be a student led charity organization called Debate for Aid, in conjunction with Christopher Columbus High School in Miami Fl. Cost will be $10 per person,and $20 per entry. To keep costs low, the debates will be run via zoom. The tourney will exclusively be for BP and will have college division, high school division, and an Open Spanish-language division. Top 4 teams in each division break. I, Gabriel de Tuya, am head coach at the school and am assisting my students in this service project. Though I will be helping facilitate the debate, it is very much propped up by the aspirations and ideas of a few of my debaters. Their mission is outlined below:

"Seeing the negative effects that the COVID-19 pandemic has had throughout the world, and the need for sanitation and health products, we decided to do our part to help. Debate for Aid is planning an online debate in the British Parliamentary format in order to raise money to help the people that have been affected by this pandemic. The money raised from this tournament will be used to buy personal hygiene products, such as masks, hand sanitizers and more. These products will be given to children in need, both locally and internationally, in order decrease the negative impact this pandemic has had on the world.

50% of the proceeds will being going to The Save the Children Fund while the remaining 50% will be used to purchase hygiene and sanitation products such as face mask/hand sanitizer. The intent of these proceeds are to help underprivileged children in developing nations, like our birth countries Mexico and Ecuador. Entry fee's can be donated through our go fund me page linked here:"

- Jan Andretta, Ryan McMillan, & Marcelo Andreu - founders of Debate for Aid


Please direct inquires to


Gabriel de Tuya, Coach at CCHS:


Update 11/18:


 As of now to register (Unless you are a university student), first you must register for this event on tabroom then and list your students as entries. Registration fees and donations are being routed through the organizations' GoFundMe page ( The fee will be $20 per team. We ask that  you provide a judge per every 2 teams. If you have trouble fulfilling the judge obligation, please contact us by 12/1. We ask that you please list your school affiliation in the notes of your donation so that we log the payment as a registration fee rather than a donation to the cause. The registration process requires these steps first, then we can confirm your entries. 


We will begin providing information regarding schedule, zoom links, and further announcements as the date nears. I understand that this registration is not nearly as streamlined as other tourneys, but we are cutting costs wherever possible to ensure the vast majority of the tourney fee’s end up going to our cause. Please note that the tourney started out small but has grown in scope as the hours pass so formal documents regarding sign up instructions/invitations are still in the midst of being created. If you need a more formal document for your administration to approve, we will have our school draft something within the next day or two. 


A very rough schedule (all times in EST):

please note that this schedule is subject to change to help accommodate our international and west coast debaters


Check in: 2 PM

Round 1 motion announcement: 3 PM

Round 1 begins: 3:30

Round 2 motion announcement: 5PM

Round 2 begins: 5:30 PM

Dinner from 6:30-7:30 PM

Round 3 motion announcement: 7:30 PM


Round 3 begins: 8 PM



Check in: 9 AM

Round 4 motion announcement: 9:30 AM

Round 4 begins: 10 AM

Round 5 motion announcement: 11:30 AM

Round 5 begins: 12 PM

Lunch / Break announcements: 1 - 2:30 PM

Elim 1 motion announcement: 2:30 PM

Elim 1 begins: 3:00 PM

Elim 2 motion announcement: 4:30PM

Elim 2 begins: 5:00 PM

-- Finals Elim 3 only if necessary --

Elim 3 motion announcement: 6:30PM

Elim 3 begins: 7:00