Virtuosity TFANIETOC Invitational Guyer HS

2021 — NSDA Campus, TX/US

Hello Colleagues, 


We want to take this opportunity to extend a hearty welcome and invite you to bring your budding young leaders and citizen performers to compete at Virtuosity, a TFA and NIETOC qualifying speech and debate tournament hosted by Guyer High School in Denton, Texas. We will be entirely virtual, using NSDA Classrooms.  


Some salient features of our competition will include: 


  • Outstanding tab staff anchored by Dr. Jason Sykes, Dan Lingel, Tracy McFarland, Chellie Martinez and Courtney Coffman. 

  • Four rounds of Policy and Worlds with Five Rounds of LD, and PF debate. 
  • Two rounds of all of the individual public speaking and performance events 

  • All events other than debate and Extemporaneous Speaking will be asynchronous. 

  • Given the unusually slow start of many novices we anticipate offering novice sections of all the major Debate, Speaking and Interpretation events, except for DUO and POI. 

  • Following the tournament, awards will be mailed to the recognized entries. 

Students may enter only one debate event, or only one Extemporaneous Speaking Event. The only exception is Congress. Student Congress competitors may enter one division of Extemp. Anyone may enter as many asynchronous events as they wish. Initially schools will be capped at 8 entries per event. Please call the host if you seek special consideration for this requirement. 


Entries will be due January 11th at 7:00 PM. The deadline for uploading the video links for asynchronous events will be Tuesday January 12th at 7:00 PM.  In accordance with TFA guidelines, residents of the state of Texas may not compete as independents. Out of state students may compete as independents. TFA rules will take precedence in settling disputes. We will not break brackets in debate.


Individuals interested in judging need to fill out the application available under the hired judges tab.  The sign up form is located under the All Judging Please Read tab on the right of the main page.


Please direct all inquiries through Walter Willis, at 


Warm Regards, 

Paul Galloway,                                                                                        Walter Willis 

Guyer Debate Coach                                                                              Guyer Debate Associate