Henry Clay Warm Up For Nationals SR JR Speech Debate Tournament

2021 — NSDA Campus, KY/US

Welcome to the Henry Clay "WARM UP TO NATIONALS" VIRTUAL Senior & Junior Speech & Debate Tournament!


Speech events will be completely asynchronous (pre-recorded) with two guaranteed rounds of prelims plus finals while Debate events will be synchronous (held live via NSDA Campus on the day of our competition) with 3 guaranteed rounds of debate prelims plus semis (if warranted) and finals in all divisions!



We plan to hold ALL Kentucky High School Speech League SENIOR HIGH & JUNIOR MIDDLE speech events 


*Senior Division Events: Broadcasting, Declamation, DI, Duo, Extemp, HI, Impromptu, Improv Duo, Informative, Oratory, Poetry, POI, Prose, & Storytelling

*Junior Division Events: Broadcasting, Declamation, DI, Duo, Extemp, HI, Impromptu, Improv Duo, Oratory, Poetry, Prose, & Storytelling.

along with the following debate events:

*Debate Events: Congress, Varsity Lincoln-Douglas, Novice Lincoln-Douglas, Policy, Varsity Public Forum, & Novice Public Forum


Also - all events are initially capped at 50 entries so if you have kids you for sure know will be attending, please get them registered ASAP!  All entries past 50 will be waitlisted so to guarantee their entry into their respective events, please register them early!



IE competitors can compete in as many events as they choose (Junior competitors up to 12, Senior competitors up to 14) PLUS students may also enter in live debate (as speech events are totally asynchronous and debate is synchronous competitors can opt to do both categories of speech & debate).  Debaters are limited to only 1 debate event as the schedule will not allow for synchronous doubling.



Congressional debate will use the April NSDA packet of legislation (since it is May 1 it is too close to the release date for the May packet so we will use April's packet instead). No other legislation will be published or used for our tournament.


Lincoln-Douglas (Varsity & Novice) will debate the following topic:

Resolved: The United State ought to guarantee universal child care.


Public Forum (Varsity & Novice) will debate the following topic:

Resolved: On balance, the benefits of creating the United States Space Force outweigh the harms.


Policy will debate the following topic:

Resolved: The United States federal government should enact substantial criminal justice reform in the United States in one or more of the following: forensic science, policing, sentencing.



Awards will be given out to the top 6 performers in each speech event and Congress, top 4 performers in each debate event, and team sweepstakes awards will be given out to the top 3 teams in Junior Speech, top 3 teams in Senior Speech, & top 3 teams in Debate.

Also - and this is really cool - we will be awarding an OVERALL Sweepstakes GRAND CHAMPION AWARD for the highest ranking team in ANY division combined...meaning, the highest point scoring school in total overall points will be up for the GRAND CHAMPION award for our tournament (whichever team scores the most points regardless of division will WIN the OVERALL GRAND CHAMPION AWARD)!



If you have any questions that are not answered above please feel free to email me at:


if you have ANY questions about our tournament!


We hope to see you with us virtually for our WARM UP TO NATIONALS Senior Speech, Junior Speech, & Open Debate tournaments!  Thank you for your time and consideration!