New Jersey District Tournament

2021 — NJ/US

New Jersey District Qualifier

for the 2021 National Tournament
Big Questions
Sat 2/20 Sat 2/20 BQ
Sat 2/27 Sat 2/27 HSE SEN
IE, Debate (CX, LD, PF)

Welcome to the New Jersey District Tournaments Series home page

To begin this series, the New Jersey District Big Questions Qualifier has been scheduled for February 20th, 2021 and will be held during the Borelli Scholarship Tournament, at the same time as the concurrent fundraising tournament. This is done so that we can take advantage of a large pool of judges that will be available for the day’s events. The following week, the District Congress will take place, as it has traditionally happened, during the Montville Tournament on February 27thThe Big Questions registration will be due on Friday, February 12th; District Congress must be entered by Friday, February 19th, 2021. Legislation will also be due on or before February 19th. All registrations open one month prior to each event.


The New Jersey District Speech and Debate Tournament will be held for all NJ District members on Friday and Saturday, March 26th and 27th, 2021.If you want to participate in any, or all of these tournaments, make certain that you have paid your NSDA dues and any outstanding balances for new members wishing to participate. All materials regarding registration for Speech and Debate MUST be completed by Friday, March 19th, the first day of the State Tournament.


Once again, we have available the World Schools Debate program format to qualify students for TWO teams to Nationals. Immediately following the District Tournaments, New Jersey will create a blended, interscholastic team to compete in the international program. Each team will consist of 3-5 students (5 being the preferred number) who will train, practice, and ultimately compete as a unit. Any students who are interested in participating in this event must have competed in any of this year’s upcoming District Tournaments (Congress, Speech, and/or Debate) and has or has not initially qualified in their main event. If they so choose, students may preference the World Team above the other qualifying events.Any student interested in participating in this event, should send me a letter/ essay on or before Sunday, March 1st, stating his or her intentions to participate, what contributions he or she could bring to the team, and why the District Committee should consider his or her application.Students may submit their essays to me through email at either,


The District Committee looks forward to hosting you at this year's District Tournaments Series.



Mary Gormley, New Jersey District Chair