Sudan HS Speak the Speech I Pray You Classic

2021 — Virtual (Sudan, TX), TX/US

Welcome to the tenth annual Sudan High School,

"Speak the Speech I Pray You" - Classic.


This tournament is now closed due to lack of interest. 

We are terribly sorry.

(Our UIL in-person tournament on the same date is still active.)


It is with deepest pride that we invite you to enter this asynchronous virtual tournament, (and/or the additional in-person tournament).

This is a TFA IQT hosting 7 events:  Duet Acting, Duo Interpretation, Informative, Humorous Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Original Oratory, and Program Oral Interpretation. 

We will be wait listing all entries as we will provide first preference to the numerous schools of our region who have traditionally entered our tournament and to the sprinkling of schools from around the state and New Mexico who have traditionally frequented the tournament. We have traditionally never turned any entry away and will try to continue that tradition. 

As our SHS Resonance Speech Team has hosted this tournament with 14 events in the past, you may be wondering what happened to  the other 7 events?  Since this is 2020 and the year of Covid-19, it seems like nothing is normal.  In an effort to allow our local schools to prepare for in-person UIL District contests in the Spring, we are running two tournaments simultaneously.  More information for both tournaments is located at:  Sudan Tournament Website  (Many local small schools have had lower infection rates.) The second tournament is a UIL tournament hosting the 7 UIL events in-person (Congress, CX, LD, Informative, Persuasive, Poetry, and Prose).  While the TFA tournament is being run on Tabroom, the UIL tournament entry may be made from a Google form on the above listed website.  We will then move all UIL tournament entries across to the Joy of Tournaments tab software for tournament administration.

Again, each tournament will only host it's seven events.  There will be no TFA points awarded for the UIL tournament events.

We hope to host you at one or both tournaments on Saturday, January the 16th, 2021.

Go Speech!!!