Burges High School Turkey Bowl VIQT

2020 — Online Zoom Burges, TX/US

We cordially invite you all to attend the 2020 Burges High School Turkey Bowl. The tournament will be held 11/18 -1/21/2020, on Zoom, and deadlines are listed on the bottom right-hand home screen of the "Website". We are looking forward to spending some quality holiday time this Thanksgiving season and thankful for each of you. 

There are a couple of helpful reminders/NTK's:

1. Asynch video link:

A. If the link has been used at two or more tourneys this season, you must provide a new one to compete. 

B. All links should be set to "unlisted" (YouTube), unlocked, have multiple free views.

C. Afte the deadline 11/18/2020 @ 4 pm, all links are locked in including Phantom entries = Drops = $

 2. LD/PF:


B. Rounds will be bumped if possible 

 3. Congressional Debate:

A. TFA 2020 Fall Docket

B. TFA 45 minute rule will be enforced

C Docket order as follows: Prelims- Session 1= 21-30, Session 2= 11-20, Finals= 1-10 

 4. Asynch Showcase:

A. NOT JUDGED final round, this will take place on Friday 

B. This is open to only Finalist 1-6 in each Asynch event

C. Finalists will perform their selections live, again not ranked 

D. Observers are allowed that are registered in the tournament


#1= 00/HI= Saturday 11/21 @ 9 am

#2- INFO/DI = Saturday 11/21 @ 12pm

#3 POI/Duet =Saturday 11/21 @ 3pm 

Registration of finalist participating in showcases will be Friday 11/20 @3-4pm