The Wisconsin State Debate Tournament

2021 — NSDA Campus, WI/US

 Judges without current round assignments:

JVLD Semis: Meyer, Pittman, Courtney, Leeser, Liban, Olson, Traas, Kumar, Alvin

VLD Semis: Tarikere, Van Winkle, Morris, Venkat, Henning, Shillinglaw, Harris, Sims, Simon

JVPF Quarters: Newman, Barbusch, Loop, Tidberg, Liu, Nelson, Ruiz, Tao, Theodore

VPF Quarters: Alexander, Iyer, Srivastava, Waller, Allan, Demirbilek, Fasseas, O'Brien, Kwas, Phillips, Gupta, Shircel, Stauber-Soik, Gao, Hutchinson, Mr. Dave



1/15.  All judges have confirmed receipt of the judging packet.  Only 1 judge needs to complete certification!


1/13 -Many judges need updated paradigms but in fairness to everyone else, prefs are open. 



1/6/2021 -The following individuals have been assigned to assist the in running the tournament:

Ben Sauer

Annabelle Arney

Brian Devine

David Umstot

Stephanie King

Doris Sexton

Dan Hansen