Lexington Winter Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, MA/US

Quick Update as of 1/13/2021...

On site registration will be available for coaches on Tabroom on Friday, 1/15 from 5 PM to 11 PM EST. All coaches should verify that, to the best of their knowledge, all of their competitors and judges are ready to participate this weekend. Coaches are expected to do a digital check in with their own students and judges at the start of every day of the tournament and should report any missing persons to that event specific helpline. Coaches are not required to report that their team is present in the morning; the only reports required are missing persons reports.
Live Docs and Help Line Emails For All Events Are Posted!

LD Live Doc Link

PF Live Doc Link

Policy Live Doc Link

Prior to the tournament please contact us on the tournament helpline only.

Tournament Helpline: lextourneyhelp@gmail.com

LD Helpline: lexldhelp@gmail.com

PF Helpline: lexpfhelp@gmail.com

Policy Helpline: lexpolicyhelp@gmail.com

New Reminders, as of 12/21/2020...

1) Please check the Important Deadlines and Procedures Tab -- There are important deadlines and procedures there!
2) Please start filling in NAMES for your TBAs. I will not delete the TBAs until after Break, but if you know you can't use the slots you have claimed, you are opening slots up for other schools when you delete unneeded TBAs.
3) All judges in the Varsity Divisions must have paradigms by the time Prefs (in VLD and V Pol) and Strikes (VPF) open or your students will not be able to pref or strike other judges. Since strikes are also being allowed in all three JV divisions, we would also STRONGLY encourage your JV judges to post paradigms -- they do not need to be long.
4) Please make sure you have filled in your preferred mailing address for awards in the space on Tabroom which talks about REFUND CHECKS. We will use those addresses for awards distribution. Please don't make me have to send everyone a Google Form to collect addresses which can just be put into Tabroom.
5) And speaking of addresses, please plan to mail the check for your fees as soon as possible AFTER the FEES FREEZE deadline, if not sooner. The address for mailing the checks is on the invoice. I am sorry that we can only accept checks, but while I am not requiring them before the tournament, I am hoping you will be able to get them to us by the end of January.
6) The Varsity PF and Varsity Policy divisions are currently full. We do expect drops, however, so please register your entries as soon as possible so that as drops occur you can be added. Priority for entries will go first to new schools, but after Break, if there are extra entries from schools already in the tournament that also fit, they will be admitted.
7) Please remember that we accept only official school entries that are registered by adults representing actual schools. If you are on the waitlist in any event, especially in any event which is not full, this may be because we do not think you meet the official adult from an actual school test. Please reach out to clarify your status.
8) We will be doing electronic flips in ALL divisions of PF throughout the tournament. We plan to use electronic flips for all elim rounds in Policy and LD.

Initial Posting...

Welcome to the Lexington Winter Invitational 2021!

Essentials now -- many more details later.
1) We will be online using NSDA Campus!
2) We will offer Varsity, JV and Novice Divisions in PF and LD -- all events will be single flighted with the possible exception of the first full elim in VLD depending on the number of available judges (and the prefs).
3) We will offer Varsity JV, Open Novice and Packet Novice divisions in Policy. The packet division will use the Northeastern Modified version of the NDCA packet (compromise packet). Please note: Some of the Novice from the Boston Debate League may be using arguments from this packet, which is similar to the previously posted packet. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1K7cnpwL9n9ENci6hvzsJ5Sw9LL5Ax40H/view?usp=sharing
4) Rounds start Saturday morning -- Jan. 16, 2021. Only late elims will be held on Monday Jan. 18. Please check out the Schedule tab for a tentative (but reasonably solid) schedule.
5) JV divisions are designed for students with previous middle school experience in any form of debate who ought not be debating in novice divisions, since novice divisions are limited to competitors in their FIRST year of any sort of debate competition. Third and fourth year competitors ought not debate in JV unless their previous competitive experience is ALL in Middle School.
6) Entry fees have been reduced to balance the lack of meals for students with the cost for rooms and for the shipping of awards.
7) We will have an Equity Officer to assist us in ensuring that our tournament is a safe space for all participants.
We look forward to welcoming you in January -- please check back often for additional information!
Kaz and the Lexington Debate Family