Travis Debate Round Robin

2020 — Online, TX/US


Speech & Debate


Novice Lincoln-Douglas Round Robin


November 17 to December 2, 2020 

All updates and information will be posted on the Live Doc linked above.


Tuesday, November 17
4:00 PM - Round 1

Wednesday, November 18
4:00 PM - Round 2

Monday, November 30
4:00 PM - Round 3

Tuesday, December 1
4:00 PM - Round 4

Wednesday, December 2
4:00 PM - Round 5


Because a Round-Robin format means that all debaters debate each other, we are unable to offer a true 'round-robin' given our tournament's time constraints and influx of entries, however, debaters will get a chance to debate most the other debates, except one.


Welcome to the Travis Inaugural LD Round-Robin!


Registration for this tournament is done by tournament staff. Please contact the LD Team if you would like to be entered into the Round-Robin experience!