Copper Classic

2021 — NSDA Campus, UT/US

Welcome to the 2021 Copper Classic Debate Tournament. We hope that you consider our tournament this January. The tournament is January 15 - 16, 2021. This tournament is a full service tournament covering speech and debate events. All times are in Mountain Standard Time!

We will be hosting a separate tournament for our PF and Policy ToC bids on February 12-14th. The information for that tournament can be found at

Our tournament is a full service tournament that hosts the following Open/JV divisions of speech and debate:

Policy Debate

Lincoln Douglas Debate

Public Forum Debate

JV Policy Debate

JV Lincoln Douglas Debate

JV Public Forum


National Extemp

Foreign Extemp

Original Oratory

JV Original Oratory

Impromptu Speaking

Spontaneous Argument


Humorous Interp

Dramatic Interp

Duo Interp

Important Information Debate

Policy debate will use the 2020-2021 high school topic.

Public forum will use the January topic.

Lincoln Douglas will use the January/Feb Topic.

For Congress, there will be as many houses as necessary for debate. No more than 15 students will be permitted in each house. Student bill/resolutions should be appropriate and productive in nature a docket will be released prior to the tournament.

Important Information Speech

The following Speech events will be "Live", all others will be asynchronous:

Panel A


National Extemp

Panel B

Foreign Extemp

Impromptu Speaking

Asynchronous video links need to to be submitted through Tabroom and are due by Thursday January 14th 11:59pm.



The tournament will be run on NSDA Campus.


The cost for all events is 4.0 per student, per day, and 8.00 per team, per day.

School fees are 15.00 per day.

Double Entry:

Students WILL NOT be allowed to enter into a speech event and debate event at the tournament. Students may double enter in IE events ONLY.   


LD/PF/Policy Debate 


Round 1 4:00 pm

Round 2 6:30 pm


Round 3 9:00 am

Round 4 11:30 am

Semis*/Finals  2:00 pm

Finals 3:30pm

PF and LD will most likely break to a semis and Policy will most likely break straight to finals. 




Round 1 4:00 pm

Round 2 7:00 pm


Round 3 9:00 am

Final Round 12:30 pm




Panel A Round 1 4:00 pm

Panel B Round 1 5:15 pm

Panel A Round 2 6:30 pm

Panel B Round 2 7:15 pm


Panel A Round 3 9:00 am

Panel B Round 3 10:15 am

Panel A Round 4 11:30 am

Panel B Round 4 12:45 pm

Panel A Final Round* 2:00 pm

Panel B Final Round* 3:15 pm

Final Rounds are planned for all speech events, if an event has a small number of entries and a final round is not necessary then the tournament director will make that call on Saturday morning.

Preliminary Rounds:

The tournament will offer 4 preliminary rounds in Policy, LD, and PF Debate. The tournament will offer 3 sessions of Congress with one final session. Each speech event will have 4 preliminary rounds and a finals round.



In order to run a timely tournament each school is required to bring their judges. One public forum judge is required for every three public forum teams or a fraction thereof, one judge for every 3 Lincoln-Douglas debaters is required or a fraction thereof, and one policy judge is required for every two policy teams. One judge is required for every 5 individual event entries. Please contact me with any questions.