2020 Desert Hills Thunder

2020 — St George, UT/US


Please stay abreast of all Public Health Orders coming from the Governor for extracurricular activities, and follow those orders.  For now (more restrictions such as testing may be proposed between now and the tournament):  

-  All  health check and temperature check protocols to be followed.  Have your students meet in your room before traveling to the practice and check their temperature before they travel to our school.  We will also be ready to test temps here if you aren't able to.  If students have been exposed to someone with COVID or if they are not feeling well, they cannot participate.

- Teams will be staged in different areas with mandatory social distancing and masks worn at all times except when giving a speech or asking a question in a round.

-  In rounds, judges and non-speaking debaters will wear masks, teams will be separated as much as possible within rooms with a  minimum of 6 feet (no exception) of space between debaters.  Judges and students will be responsible for sanitizing rooms after rounds.  Only contestants and up to but no more than 2 spectators are allowed in a room.  

- A strict seating chart will be followed in congress sessions

- Violation of covid rules will result in disqualifications..

- Coaches must wear masks at all times and will randomly 'pop in' and check on rounds


Open divisions for each event.

Friday debate, three rounds – Policy, PF, LD, 

Friday Congress, two sessions.

Saturday IEs, three rounds -- Due Interp, Humorous Interp, Dramatic Interp (if Interp numbers are low, all Interps may be put into a round to compete together), Mixed Extemp, Oratory, Impromptu, Spar

Double entries are acceptable for Saturdays IEs .  Students must sign in at second event before going to first. Make sure students know efficient double entering strategy such as going to smaller round before more crowded round, faster event before sluggish event (eg spar before oratory), etc.

Extempers will draw from choice of foreign or domestic topics but will compete in mixed rounds. Topics will be drawn from the monthly list released to Utah schools for the month of December.  

Congress participants bring own copies of all bills to the tournament.

Spar: 1) Winner of coin flip decides ahead of seeing topics whether he/she will select topic or select speaking order. 2) Three topics are drawn and one is then selected -- like impromptu. 3) Other speaker chooses to speak first or second.


NSDA November/December topics and rules will be used

Congress docket from:  http://www.utahdebatecoaches.org/Students/congress-legislation.  An official docket is posted on the tournament website.  

PF will be using the updated timings.


School Fee $15 per day

Student Fee $4.00 per event

Payable at check-in Friday, based on registration numbers at Tuesday deadline.


Judge requirements: 1 judge per six i.e. entries Friday; 1 per four teams ld/pf entries and 1 per 2 for cx.

Please fill judge requirements; penalty of $15 per judge-forfeiture round.

Judges training will be at 3:00 p.m. on Friday and 8:15 a.m. on Saturday.  Food and drinks will be provided for judges.  


Students should follow the NSDA Code of Honor.  Encourage classiness and cleanliness from your kids and make sure they respect property by keeping areas clean, not touching classroom items, and staying out of rooms with no adults. Students in classrooms without adult will forfeit events for student and sweepstakes for team.


Where should students go when they arrive at the tournament?

Each school will be assigned a room.  Check in at the commons and then go to your rooms.  Students should stay with their teams in rooms when not in rounds.  


Where can I find pairings/postings?

All pairings/postings will be made upstairs by the library.  


Where is extemp draw?

In the computer lab next to the library.


Where is the judges/coaches lounge?  

In the faculty lounge, go through the main office downstairs to the door at the end of the hallway. 


Where is the Tabroom?  

Room 218.


Where is the help desk/judge’s table?

Near the main office.


How do I access WIFI?

See instructions:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_okXVLM3tfHUjBBU2RDb1ZkQVkwVW04WjY4MlVjREJBU1NB/view?usp=sharing.  Hard copy with be provided at tournament.



We will not be providing food options for students at the tournament.  However, there are quite a few options across the street now, so students should bring their own money and plan on getting food quickly between rounds (Policy debaters should consider sending friends in LD/PF to get them food).   





3:00-3:10 Check in (our school day isn’t over until 2:45)

3:30     Debate Rd 1                 Congress -- 4:00 orientation/swearing in

5:15     Debate Rd 2                                         4:15ish-8:30 with half hour recess at midpoint 

7:00     Debate Rd 3



7:45-8   Check in

8:15      Extemp prep for 1st rd

8:30   IE Rd 1

10:00    IE Rd 2

11:30    IE Rd 3


1:30     Awards – Lecture Hall B