Central Forensics Conference 1

2020 — Online, SD/US

Welcome to the CFC 2020-2021 first tournament.  This tournament is for members of the South Dakota Central Forensics Conference. The tournament will look different this year (like all of 2020).  We will be doing all memorized/manuscript speeches through an asynchronous format. Debate, student congress, and extemp will take place on Saturday through zoom competitions.  Please make sure that your students and judges have linked Tabroom accounts. 

Please check the side for files including information on how 2020 will look in the CFC, an invoice for being a part of the CFC and more as we get closer to the first CFC.


The Zoom link for all debate and extemp speakers/judges-  https://sdk12.zoom.us/j/99758161346?pwd=N2t2Tk9lc1dHRHhoMGc4V2hKWTJtUT09



Saturday, December 12 Debate/Extemp/Student Congress schedule:


8:30 AM          Tech check-in for all debaters and judges.

8:45 AM          Round 1 for all levels of LD and PF

10:00 AM        Round 2 for all levels of LD and PF

11:15 AM        Round 3 for all levels of LD and PF

(Lunch break)

1:00 PM           Round 4 for all levels of LD and PF (Round 4 will be powered as able)

2:15                 Round 1 Extemp Draw and seat Student Congress

2:45                 Round 1 Extemp speaks

3:30                 Round 2 Extemp Draw

4:00                 Round 2 Speaks (Begin session 2 for Student Congress)

4:45                 Round 3 Draw

5:15                 Round 3 Speaks (Student Congress comes to an end)

Results will be released around 6:30-7:00 PM