WTSA Practice Meet

2020 — Amarillo, TX/US

Welcome to our first practice tournament in the Panhandle. This is not a TFA qualifying tournament. It is mainly meant for students to have the chance to receive more feedback on their performances. 

This tournament will be open only to WTSA schools. With this being our first practice meet, entries will be limited. We are offering rounds in Informative, Oratory, Poetry, Duet, and Humorous. Informative, Oratory, and Humorous entries should comply with NSDA rules. Duet entries should comply with TFA rules. Poetry entries should comply with UIL rules. 

All coaches entering students should expect to judge rounds. 

Links to all performances must be uploaded by 5:00 pm on Friday, November 6. Ballots for prelim rounds will be sent out 7:00 am Monday the 9th, and are due by 9:00 pm Tuesday the 10th. Final ballots will go out 7:00 am Wednesday the 11th, and are due 9:00 pm Thursday the 12th.