Sheboygan North Raider Rumble

2020 — NSDA Campus, WI/US

2020 Sheboygan North Raider Rumble

November 21, 2020

NSDA Campus

The 2020 Raider Rumble is hosted by Sheboygan North High School. The tournament is a WDCA-sanctioned event where all applicable rules of play and conduct apply. The tournament will offer junior varsity and varsity Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas as well as novice and varsity Policy Debate. The tournament director holds the right to collapse divisions that are not viable on their own. Students can debate as mavericks (by themselves) and win.

Judge Obligations:

1 judge per 2 VCX/NCX and 1 judge per 2 LD/PF entries or any fraction thereof. To the extent possible LD and PF -1 judge may cover 1 LD and 1 PF entry. We will have separate LD and PF judging pools but, if numbers call for it, we may have some crossover in the pools. We will assume the judge can judge both LD and PF unless specified otherwise in the team's registration.


The registration deadline is WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18TH AT 11:30 PM. Registration fees are locked as of November 18th at 11:30 pm. Nuisance fees of 10 dollars will apply to changes (e.g. late registrations, drops, etc.) made after 12pm Friday, November 20th. You are able to change names and drop entries until Friday, November 20th at 11:30 PM.

If you do not bring the required number of judges, the tournament reserves the right to charge you $100 per missing judge or de-register your teams until you have judges to cover your judge obligation. We will do our best to have extra judges, but you should expect few - if any - extra judges available.


Technology issues during the tournament should be sent to


If there are concerns related to conduct, discrimination or inclusion, please e-mail The appropriate tournament individual will discuss the concerns with the parties involved.


Policy Entries: $25
PF Entries: $20
LD Entries: $15
Nuisance Fee: $10 (Drops/Adds after 12pm on Friday, November 20th & Judge No-Shows to Rounds)
Missing Judge: $100


Address for Fees:

Please make all checks payable to: Sheboygan North High School Debate

If you are mailing the check, please send the check to:

Sheboygan North High School
Attn: Anton Shircel, Debate Coach
2926 N 10th St
Sheboygan, WI 53083



You should eat lunch during the lunch hour. Be aware, the lunch time may be adjusted depending on the progression of the rounds.

Debate Divisions:

Novice Policy will follow the WDCA Standing Rules for novice policy debate. Lincoln Douglas and Public Forum will debate the November topic.

Tournament Schedule:

Please note that these times are tentative. The progression of the tournament will dictate the exact times of the competition. We are going to try for five rounds of PF and LD. However, if technology is causing issues, we may default to four rounds.

Registration Schedule:

Open: 7:00 am
End: 7:45 am
Opening Meeting: 7:50 - 8:00 am (There will be no Round 0; you can test your equipment in the team's squad room or during Round 1)

Policy Schedule:

Round 1: 8:15 am
Round 2: 10:30 am
Round 3: 1:00 pm
Awards: 4:00 pm

LD/PF Schedule:

Round 1: 8:15 am
Round 2: 9:45 am
Round 3: 11:15 am
Round 4: 12:45 pm
Round 5: 2:00 pm? (We are going to try for 5 rounds, if tech prevents this, we will default to 4 rounds)
Awards: 4:00 pm 


If you have any questions about the tournament, please reach out to:

Anton Shircel, Head Coach, Sheboygan North Debate Team

John Knetxger, Head Coach, West Bend Debate Team