Christmas Chlassich at Not Regis DEBATE OPEN TO MA NY and NJ SC

2020 — NSDA Campus, NY/US


The debate events of this tournament are open to schools from NY, NJ or MA. Exceptions might be possible: reach out to the listed tournament contact. Only 9th - 12th graders officially representing the schools they attend may participate. Teams must comprise entries from the same school. No independent or student-created entries or anonymous team accounts will be accepted. The listed contact must be an adult, i.e., over 21 years of age. Registrations will be carefully vetted for compliance.

We will be running 4 single-flighted rounds in each division. We're looking at rounds at 10:00, 12:00, 2:30 and 4:30. 

Student judges may judge nov and JV; they must be at least juniors with roughly 200 NSDA points in their debate division. HS grads only in Varsity divisions, either former debaters or laity carefully trained by their coaches. No flip in PF; pro goes first. Disclosure is optional, but we expect good, informative, helpful ballots. No LPWs or tied points; this is a learning division, and we want clear direction. 

More details to come as we near the tournament weekend. For the record, it is acceptable to refer to the tournament as the Christmas Chlassic, the Kristmas Klassik, or my personal favorite, the Venial Sinvitational. Call it the December Regis tournament just doesn't do the trick.